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 Top health-boosting tips for fall… Two branches of immunity..
Common cold prevention and treatment The cyclical nature of immunity…
Strategies for fighting fall allergies… Supplements that combat allergies…
Fall skincare: How to combat dryness and irritation
How your skin signals that fall is here…

I bother with my diet because I believe in treating my body fairly. You believe in the prevention of disease, [and] through the use of natural nutrition, you are certainly treating your body fairly. Of course, there are many ways for you to abuse your body and cause disease, but, once you discover [Shaklee], I feel that you will discard the abuses.

One thing is certain… treating disease is only necessary AFTER one has lost their health. Even then, the nutrition way to health will help [you] regain it.

Remember, a treatment, in itself, is not a cure. It is only an assist to Nature. ONLY NATURE CURES.”

~ A Study Course in Nutrition by Forrest Shaklee Sr., DC, DD

Top health-boosting tips for fall…

As the leaves change color and the air turns crisp, we welcome the fall season. But along with its beauty, autumn also brings an increased susceptibility to illnesses like the common cold and flu. A robust immune system is your body’s best defense against these seasonal challenges, and nutrition plays a pivotal role in maintaining immune strength. Your immune system is a remarkable network of cells, tissues, and proteins that work together to defend your body against harmful invaders. It’s a dynamic and adaptable defense mechanism capable of recognizing and fighting off a wide range of pathogens.

However, like any complex system, the immune system requires proper nourishment to function at its best. Nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants support the immune system’s various functions, from identifying pathogens to mounting an effective defense. In this newsletter, we will explore the top immune-boosting foods and supplements, giving you tips to fortify your defenses against fall health challenges.

Two branches of immunity…

The immune system works to defend the body against pathogens and abnormal cells like cancer. It’s comprised of two main branches:

♦♦ Innate immunity… provides immediate protection against a wide range of pathogens. It includes physical barriers like the skin along with white blood cells that engulf and destroy invaders.

♦♦ Adaptive immunity… provides highly specific, long-lasting protection utilizing specialized white blood cells and antibodies.

The Science Behind Immunity

Common cold prevention and treatment

In the battle against the common cold, prevention is our most potent weapon. While not usually a serious illness, its widespread nature, discomfort, and potential to lead to complications underscore the need for proactive prevention.

The common cold is a viral respiratory infection affecting millions each year. Colds can be caused by many different types of viruses and strains, each with its own characteristics and behaviors:

⇒⇒ Rhinoviruses, the most frequent offenders, thrive in the nose and throat, replicating rapidly and causing sneezing, runny nose, and sore throat.
⇒⇒ Coronaviruses, often associated with more severe illnesses like COVID-19, can also cause the common cold, typically resulting in a runny nose and cough.
⇒⇒ Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV), a highly contagious pathogen, primarily affects young children and infants, causing symptoms similar to the common cold. It can, however, lead to more severe respiratory issues in this age group.
⇒⇒ Human Parainfluenza Viruses are a common cause of respiratory infections in children and adults alike, leading to symptoms ranging from mild colds to more severe illnesses like croup or pneumonia.

All of these viruses are transmitted either through respiratory droplets from coughing and sneezing and/or by indirect transmission when people touch contaminated surfaces.

By embracing strategies such as regular hand washing, respiratory hygiene, maintaining distance from the infected, and fostering a healthy lifestyle, we can significantly reduce the risk of contracting and spreading the common cold.

Cold Prevention

1. Regular hand washing with soap and water is effective in killing viruses. A hand sanitizer containing 60% alcohol will also work.

2. Prevent the spread of viruses by covering your mouth and nose when coughing or sneezing.

3. Minimizing close contact with infected individuals can reduce the risk of transmission.

4. Frequently touched surfaces, such as doorknobs and staircase rails, should be cleaned and disinfected regularly with Basic-G+ Wipes to reduce the risk of contamination.\

5. Maintaining a balanced diet rich in vitamins and minerals, getting adequate sleep and managing stress can boost your body’s defenses against the common cold.

Shaklee cold treatments

At the first sign of a cold, start taking immune-building supplements from Shaklee. (See next article.)

Drinking Triple Defense Boost mixed in warm water can soothe a sore throat and keep you hydrated.

Rest is also crucial to help your body recover. If you’re having trouble going to sleep or staying there, try Dream Serene.

If your symptoms worsen or persist beyond a week, it’s advisable to seek medical advice.

Dream Serene | All-Night Zzz’s

The cyclical nature of immunity…

The immune system functions in a cyclical manner, responding to threats by mobilizing its defenses to eliminate invaders. After the threat is eliminated, the immune response calms down, maintaining a delicate balance of vigilance without excess activity.

As summer transitions into fall, notable environmental changes occur, such as dropping temperatures and shorter days, leading to increased indoor activities. These shifts create favorable conditions for pathogens to thrive, amplifying the risk of illnesses, particularly respiratory viruses like the common cold and flu. To effectively combat these seasonal challenges, bolstering the immune system during autumn becomes crucial. This involves supporting the immune system’s natural functions and equipping it with the necessary tools to fend off potential threats. This support can be achieved through proper nutrition, lifestyle choices, and the inclusion of immune-boosting foods (such as apples, squash, pumpkin, sweet potatoes, pomegranates, nuts and seeds) and these Shaklee supplements:

____ Triple Immunity Boost
____ Sustained Release Vita-C
____ Chewable Vita-C
____ Immunity Formula I
____ Vita-D3
____ Vita-E Complex
____ Vivix
____ Defend & Resist Complex
____ NutriFeron
____ Zinc Complex

Strategies for fighting fall allergies…

Fall allergies are a common occurrence during this time of year. Characterized by immune system reactions to environmental substances, they can cast a shadow on this otherwise enjoyable season. Allergies have a global impact, affecting millions of people, particularly those living in regions with high pollen counts. Allergies can disrupt daily routines with a range of discomforting symptoms such as sneezing, nasal congestion, itchy eyes, and fatigue.

Fall allergens and their symptoms

Understanding fall allergens and their associated symptoms can help those seeking relief. Some of the most common allergens are:

♦♦ Ragweed Pollen is the leading cause of fall allergens. A single ragweed plant can produce an astounding one billion pollen grains, each capable of triggering allergic reactions in susceptible individuals.
♦♦ Mold Spores which typically thrive in damp environments, such as in piles of wet leaves and basements. Common types of mold spores, such as Alternaria and Cladosporium, contribute to fall allergies.
♦♦ Dust Mites, tiny arachnids which thrive in warm and humid conditions, making bedding, upholstered furniture, and carpets common reservoirs for these allergens.
♦♦ Pet Dander, consisting of tiny skin flakes and saliva particles from pets, primarily dogs and cats, becomes increasingly airborne as colder weather prompts pets to spend more time indoors.

The symptoms of fall allergies can manifest in various ways.

♦♦ Respiratory symptoms… wheezing, sneezing, coughing, and shortness of breath.
♦♦ Eye symptoms… redness, itching, swelling, and excessive tearing.
♦♦ Nasal symptoms… a runny nose, congestion, and postnasal drip are common. Also… fatigue, headaches, and skin rashes like eczema and hives.

Supplements for allergy prevention & treatment

Nutrition plays a crucial role in impacting the severity of allergies as it directly affects inflammatory response, histamine levels, and immune function. Boosting your nutrient intake through quality supplements can enhance the effectiveness of your immune system, ensuring it doesn’t underreact or overreact. Additionally, it helps reduce inflammation intensity, preventing extreme allergic reactions.

Restoring gut health is also essential to alleviate the intensity of allergies and manage symptoms of pollen allergies.

For top-notch nutritional solutions, trust Shaklee!

Always Safe! Always Green! Always Works!

Supplements that combat allergies…

Here are key supplements that can bolster your immune system and reduce the severity and symptoms of your allergies

Alfalfa Complex. Because of its wide-ranging plethora of nutrients, alfalfa has been used for centuries to combat allergy symptoms. But not just any alfalfa will do. Shaklee is the best, by far!

Sustained Release Vita-C. Vitamin C reduces the inflammatory pathways that worsen symptoms and lowers histamine levels.

Triple Defense Boost. The ingredients in Triple Defense Boost are clinically proven to play a critical role in healthy immune function

Vita-D3. Vitamin D modulates the immune system to prevent overblown inflammatory cascades which can worsen symptoms during both allergies and illnesses.

Zinc Complex. Zinc works with vitamin C for immune function and allergy relief because zinc is required for the functioning of special cells that initiate an immune response when a threat is detected.

Sustained Release VitalMag. Counteracts the bronchoconstriction effect of allergies and can lower histamine release.

OmegaGuard. Reducing inflammation also reduces the severity of allergic reactions.

Optiflora Pearl. Probiotics that contain Lactobacillus relieve allergic symptoms. Restoring proper balance of bacteria in the GI tract helps to rein in over-exuberant immune responses.

Chewable Vita-C®

Fall skincare: How to combat dryness and irritation

Fall is accompanied by a decline in humidity levels. Dryer air siphons moisture from the skin, causing irritation.

Fall also means colder temperatures, which can constrict blood vessels in the skin, reducing blood flow and limiting the skin’s ability to retain moisture.

And… with increased exposure to colder winds, the skin is often stripped of natural oils, impairing its protective barrier.

The impact fall can have on your skin health is significant:

⇒⇒ Compromised skin barrier. Prolonged dryness and irritation can damage the skin’s natural barrier, reducing its ability to fend off environmental aggressors and maintain hydration.

⇒⇒ Increased susceptibility to infections. Cracked and irritated skin provides an entry point for bacteria and pathogens.

⇒⇒ Accelerated aging. Chronic dryness and irritation can accelerate the aging process.

Ultimate fall skin care

Of course, it’s YOUTH! The YOUTH Skin Care Line will protect and nourish your skin with:

____ Luminous Gel Oil Cleanser that removes impurities without stripping away moisture.
____ Perfecting Skin Toner, Purifying Clay Mask and Hydrating Gel Mask… gentle exfoliants that remove dead skin cells, allowing moisturizers to penetrate.
____ Age Defense Moisturizer, Moisture Lock Day Cream and Advanced Renewal Night Cream which all create a protective barrier, locking in moisture and preventing moisture loss.

How your skin signals that fall is here…

Redness: One of the earliest indicators of fall-induced skin issues is redness, often accompanied by a sensation of tightness.

Flakiness: As the skin’s moisture balance is disrupted, it may respond by flaking and shedding its outer layers.

Itchiness: Dry and irritated skin can become intensely itchy, prompting scratching that further exacerbates the problem.

Cracking: In severe cases, the skin may develop cracks, making it susceptible to infection.

Health Chat | Youth

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