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Before your baby’s beginning… For the sake of the child…
Preparing your body for pregnancy: The role of nutrition
The pregnancy paradox… weight gain and nutrition
Meology Prenatal… Product spotlight… CoQHeart® with Q-Trol®
CoQHeart FAQ So you’re out of . . . ??? Try the “Shaklee Switch”
The Shaklee Difference: Dish Wash Automatic…

“Healthy growth depends more on good nutrition more than any other factor. From the beginning of growth in the prenatal period, to the time when the child attains his full size as an adult, the food that he eats and his ability to convert that food into energy and new body tissues will influence the state of his health not only as a child but throughout life.”

~ United States Department of Health,
Education and Welfare 1955 booklet on Nutrition and Health Growth quoted in A Study Course in Nutrition by Forrest Shaklee Sr., DC, DD

Before your baby’s beginning…

Imagine a hopeful apple seed trying to grow into a healthy tree if all it has to nurture it is a bed of dry clay. If it grows at all, it will most likely be stunted and spindly, with sparse yellow leaves and golf ball-sized fruit. It will weaken, be a target for disease and insects, and will die young, without having the chance to reach its potential splendor.

Growing a healthy child can be just as challenging. You can plan for the blessed event, provide a loving home with all of the material and intellectual advantages, and nurture your child to the best of your ability as a parent… but if your child’s nutritional state is inadequate at any stage… his or her health can suffer greatly, potentially affecting the quality of their entire life… and even how long your child will live!

Thankfully, you have Meology Prenatal to ensure your child’s health, even before conception!

For the sake of the child…

Even before conception, the health of your child will largely be determined by the nutritional choices you make right now.

Before you become pregnant, you can give your child the gift of good health for life by embarking on a program of diet and exercise… a program with Shaklee food supplements as its nucleus of nutritional wisdom and sufficiency. 

Preparing your body for pregnancy: The role of nutrition

For the average couple trying to start a family, success is usually measured by a missed period, the first wave of morning sickness, or the results of a home pregnancy test. Soon after, mom-to-be visits the doctor who confirms that she is expecting, and who prescribes a prenatal nutrition program.

The problem with this approach is that the health and nutritional adequacy of both parents before conception is not even considered. Research shows that the prenatal (in utero) approach to nutrition doesn’t go far enough. Today, enlightened medical science encourages both parents to achieve an optimal nutritional state before conception.

Protecting DNA…

World-renowned genetic biochemist, Dr. Bruce Ames theorizes that many birth defects, genetic diseases and childhood cancers may be a result of free radical damage of the genetic material in either the sperm or ova before conception even occurs. Since studies show that free radical damage can be minimized by adequate amounts of such antioxidants as vitamins C and E, the carotenoids, and the minerals selenium and zinc supplementation by both prospective parents for at least six months before conception is attempted is a wise precaution.

For prospective fathers, supplementation with Vitalizer Men or Vita-Lea Men, along with Sustained Release Vita-C, Vita-E Complex, NutriFeron, Zinc and Vivix will help protect sperm health, volume and motility. Adding Saw Palmetto to support prostate health is also a wise decision.

Women can ensure egg health and viability before conception by taking Meology Prenatal Pregnanacy Prep along with Life Shakes to retain muscle mass, CoQHeart for fertility support and Stress Relief Complex to induce a calm, relaxed state, ideal for conception.

* Take your Meology Prenatal Assessment at

The Science Behind Meology

The pregnancy paradox… weight gain and nutrition

Ideally, expectant mothers should consume sufficient natural food to gain two to four pounds during the first trimester, and a pound a week thereafter, for an average target weight gain of 25 to 30 pounds by delivery.

Food choices during pregnancy

So much emphasis and value in our society is placed on being thin… too thin, really… that it’s difficult for many pregnant women to allow their bodies adequate weight gain to support their baby’s health. While a 25 to 30 pound weight gain is normal during pregnancy, the foods eaten during this critical time should be as natural as possible. Lots of fresh fruits and vegetables (preferably organic to avoid toxic chemicals), lean meats, poultry and fish, more dairy products, and a variety of whole grains, nuts and seeds are ideal. Avoid fast foods, junk foods, too many sweets, caffeine, processed foods or foods full of chemicals, artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives, and of course, consume absolutely no alcohol. Even if weight gain seems excessive, by no means should a woman attempt to diet or lose weight during pregnancy as it could cause birth defects, difficulty with labor, and long-term or permanent health problems for your child.

Introducing… Meology Prenatal!

Did you know that up to 95% of women don’t get enough key nutrients foundational for a healthy pregnancy? Meology Prenatal delivers the comprehensive nutrition you need before (Pregnancy Prep), during (Pregnancy) and after pregnancy (Postnatal). Loaded with 23 vitamins and minerals, plus omega-3s and choline, Meology Prenatal provides nutritional support that supersedes other popular easy-to-take prenatal vitamins in convenient daily packs.

Meology Prenatal can also be personalized to offer targeted solutions to alleviate personal discomforts such as nausea, muscle cramps, or indigestion, microbiome support, fatigue, sleep support, protein needs, calorie needs, and hydration.

So if you’re planning to start or add to your family, take your Meology Prenatal Assessment today to ensure superior nutrition for you and your baby.

Introducing… Meology Prenatal!

Product spotlight… CoQHeart® with Q-Trol®

First discovered in 1957, few “nutrients” have faced the controversy that Coenzyme Q10 has! Not technically a vitamin, Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) is an enzyme, a substance that enhances the action of other enzymes in facilitating the millions of chemical reactions occurring in the body. An enzyme is a protein that, while remaining unchanged itself, catalyzes chemical changes in other substances.

So… what caused the controversy that originally surrounded CoQ10? While the subject of many impressive studies in Japan and Europe (where it is routinely used in the treatment of heart disease, especially congestive heart failure) in the United States it was, at best, almost completely ignored by the American medical community, and at worst, considered a worthless product. But now, the United States scientific community knows better, and CoQ10 has taken its rightful place as an invaluable aid to preventative health!

A compound found in every cell in the body except red blood cells, CoQ10 has been described as a biochemical spark plug. Peter Mitchess, Ph.D, won the Nobel Prize in chemistry when he discovered CoQ10 and its role in the energy metabolism of cells in the body. CoQ10 is a naturally occurring substance that our body produces. It is instrumental in turning oxygen into pure energy and is also a uniquely powerful antioxidant… more powerful than vitamin E!

According to Richard Firshein, D.O., in his book The Nutraceutical Revolution, “Like vitamin E, CoQ10 is astoundingly helpful in treating and preventing all kinds of cardiovascular problems, from arrhythmias to heart attacks, and even congestive heart failure. Karl Folkers, a scientist at the University of Texas at Austin, is the father of CoQ10 research, and for the past 20 years he has consistently proven in dozens of groundbreaking studies that CoQ10 protects the heart from failure by keeping its energy levels high. But this nutraceutical doesn’t just keep the heart pumping. Through its profound energizing ability, CoQ10 can help treat illnesses as diverse as diabetes, chronic lung disease, and gum disease. One study even shows that the coenzyme can reduce tumors associated with breast cancer. For those of us who are in good health, CoQ10 can improve fitness by increasing our exercise endurance.”

Shaklee’s CoQHeart provides a unique combination of two natural substances with potent antioxidant properties… Coenzyme Q10 and Resveratrol… in a single, highly bioavailable soft-gel capsule. This one capsule delivers up to 500% more CoQ10 to the body than any solid form! Using a patented technology exclusive to Shaklee, it’s clinically tested to have unprecedented bioavailability.

Health Chat | Healthy Heart

CoQHeart FAQ

What are the benefits of CoQHeart?

♦♦ Combines the power of CoQ10 with Resveratrol to promote heart health.
♦♦ Prevents the oxidation of LDL cholesterol.
♦♦ Provides energy at the cellular level.
♦♦ Helps keep blood flowing freely through the arteries.
♦♦ CoQHeart also helps protect arteries against the oxidation of low-density lipoproteins (LDL), which may help promote blood vessel function.
♦♦ Patented technology provides unprecedented bioavailability.

How Should CoQHeart be Used?

The recommended serving of CoQHeart is 1 capsule daily, preferably with a meal. If pregnant or nursing, ask a health-care professional.

What’s In CoQHeart?

Each capsule of CoQHeart contains:

⇒⇒ 100 mg of Coenzyme Q10
⇒⇒ 5 mg of mixed tocopherols
⇒⇒ 2 mg of Trans-resveratrol (Polygonum cuspidatum) (root)

The amount of CoQ10 consumed from foods is typically less than 10 mg a day. To get the same 100 mg of CoQ10 in CoQHeart, you would have to eat 13 pounds of chicken or 10 pounds of pistachios!

So you’re out of . . . ??? Try the “Shaklee Switch”

What happens when you run out of your favorite Shaklee product to do a chore? Try the Shaklee “Switch” if you run out of:

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____ Nature Bright: Use Dish Wash Automatic Concentrate in the wash water to whiten clothes. (Note: Dish Wash Automatic Concentrate has a slight bleaching effect.)

____ Basic H2 for general cleaning: Use Basic-G+, Germ Off Wipes or Hand Dish Wash.

____ Basic H2 for washing your car: Try Basic-G+. Dirt just seems to slide off!

____ Hand Dish Wash for dishes: Use Basic H2.

____ Fresh Laundry for washing clothes: Basic H2 does the trick!

____ Basic H2 for prespotting: Rub a little Scour Off Paste or Nature Bright Powder (with lots of water) into the stain and let set before washing.

____ Basic H2 for heavy duty chores: Put 1-2 Tbsp. Scour Off Paste and 2 tsp. Nature Bright in 1 quart of water. Whip till foamy in blender or electric mixer. Let suds subside, then use for heavy chores.

Shaklee Basic-G (now Basic-G+ Germicide)

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The Shaklee Difference: Dish Wash Automatic…

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>> No pre-rinsing needed… removes dried on food and tough stains, so they don’t get stuck on.

>> Dissolves quickly and completely.

>> Absolutely no chlorine and no fragrances, which can pollute the air that you breathe.

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