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♦ Me+ology… nutrition just for YOU! Precisely personalized…
Meology: Revolutionizing personal nutrition
♦ Very personal nutrition… The magic Meology algorithm
Triple Boost your immunity!  The elderberry story…
New! Elderberry Energizing Tea Yum! Elderberry Life Shake. But HURRY!
 Coming soon: Just for… kids!
Chewable Vita-C… higher potency, natural lemon crème flavor
 Chewable Vita-C FAQ

“If you were going to build a cement wall, you would first ascertain the exact amount of each ingredient needed. You would familiarize yourself with those ingredients, I am sure. Well, isn’t the construction of your body of more importance than the building of a cement wall?”

~ Dr. Forrest C. Shaklee, Sr.


Me+ology… nutrition just for YOU

We all know that taking food supplements is very important to stay healthy for life. So we start out with a high-quality multi like Shaklee Vita-Lea, and then…

____  we add Vita-D3 because we just read an article about widespread deficiencies in America.
____  there’s an infomercial we watched about the importance of eating fish 3 times a week, so we buy OmegaGuard.
____  someone we know has COVID-19. That means we need Vitalized Immunity and NutriFeron… now!
____  and it continues until you have a cupboard full of bottles!

While that’s all well and good (as long as it’s Shaklee, of course), do you ever wonder how much to take of each product to feel the very best you can? And… are there other supplements you should be taking? How can you know what’s right for you?

The fact is… when it comes to your nutritional needs, one size DOES NOT fit all. Introducing nutrition designed just for you. It’s called Meology! You’re gonna love it!

Precisely personalized…

Metrology assesses 1,000+ factors to reveal what you need and why. Your Meology recommendations are personalized by:

⇒⇔ Your age, gender & life stage
⇒⇔ Your health goals
⇒⇔ Your diet preferences & sensitivities
⇒⇔ Your health
⇒⇔ Your lifestyle
⇒⇔ Your medications
⇒⇔ Your family health history
⇒⇔ What you eat
⇒⇔ Your nutrient needs (Meology selects the fewest products possible to meet them)
⇒⇔ How everything listed above affects each other

Meology: Revolutionizing personal nutrition

Did you ever buy a food supplement because a friend raved about it, but your experiences were like night and day? She felt invigorated, energetic, and much healthier. You dragged yourself around and wondered if your health was too far gone to improve. You wondered, “Should I take more? Do I need to add something else? What’s wrong?”

Scientists are starting to prove what you probably suspected for years. Different people respond differently to the same nutrients and… we all need a “unique-to-us” combination of vitamins and minerals.

Recent studies show that individual factors like age, gender, and levels of physical activity determine which vitamins and minerals will help you feel better and stay healthy.
Isn’t it time to find a nutrition plan that works specifically for you?

Nutrition Made Personal

Meology delivers a product that is made just for YOU… not someone like you… to meet your unique nutrient needs. Meology takes the guesswork out of choosing the right supplements and provides a truly precise, personalized nutrition plan!

Nutrition that answers questions like…

“What would lower my stress levels?”
“How much vitamin E is right for me?”
“What would boost my flagging energy?”

How does Meology work?

It’s just three easy steps.

1. Take Shaklee’s quick online assessment.

2. Receive your personalized plan in just a few seconds. (Yes, it’s that fast!)

3. Choose your plan:

Essentials Plan includes the supplements that are most important and foundational for you.

Essentials Plus Plan includes your Essentials plus more targeted solutions for your needs and goals.

All products are listed by importance, and you can edit what’s included.

Once you’ve chosen your plan, you’ll receive your personalized supplements in convenient daily-dose packs every 30 days.

Very personal nutrition…

There are 3 approaches to personalized nutrition today:

♦♦ Stratified… which personalizes nutrition recommendations based on shared characteristics such as age, sex, or life-stage (i.e., women under 50 vs middle-aged men over 50). This approach doesn’t consider the needs of the individual beyond these limited shared characteristics. But what if one woman is a vegetarian, who needs more energy, while another has a family history of heart disease and wants to lose weight?

♦♦ Tailored… makes recommendations for the individual, rather than a group but does not consider the complex relationships between the individual, their behaviors, and their lifestyle and how these things come together to make you, you. For example, if you have a history of heart disease in your family, this approach would advocate omega-3s. But what if you eat a lot of fatty fish? Under the tailored approach, your omega-3 recommendation would remain the same, regardless of how much fatty fish you eat. Not very personalized, is it?

♦♦ Precision-based solutions require a much greater degree of scientific certainty. If you have a family history of heart disease but you eat a lot of fatty fish, your omega-3 recommendation would be modified by the number of servings of fatty fish you eat. Meology uses a precision-based approach!

Now, that’s personalized!

The magic Meology algorithm

Meology is not only exceptionally precise, it is also immensely powerful because of its product recommendation engine. While Meology can calculate more than 110 million possible product combinations, it recommends only one solution for you and your unique needs. This recommendation is then further personalized using 639,805 modification decision points and more than 10,523,819 unique sets of personalized text that explain exactly why the nutrients and products are recommended. Meology’s algorithm engine is so unique and sophisticated that Shaklee filed a patent.

The products Meology recommends represent over 100 years of science and innovation, are backed by hundreds of clinical studies including the Landmark Study, thousands of tests for purity and safety, and have a money-back guarantee.

This ambitious approach propels Shaklee to the forefront of personalized nutrition and is without question the most unique in the industry!

Triple Boost your immunity!

Every day we’re exposed to pathogens all around us. We can’t see or feel them, but they can make us very sick. Fortunately, we have a built-in defense system to protect us against these germs.

Your amazing immune system…

Your immune system is a complex network of cells, tissues and certain organs in your body that protect you from dangerous microorganisms.

Just like the antivirus software on your computer identifies and blocks harmful software, your immune system wards off fungi, viruses, bacteria and other health “vampires”.

Fortunately, you can give your body’s natural level of immunity a boost. Simply by making some lifestyle changes such as eating healthier, exercising more and getting enough sleep, you can strengthen your immunity so it can fight off dangerous microbes.

Triple Defense Boost

New Triple Defense Boost supports your immune system in three ways:

1. Immune-Supporting

Triple Defense Boost contains optimal amounts of critical immune-supporting nutrients, vitamin C (1,000 mg), and vitamin D (2,000 IU) plus zinc (2 mg).

2. Immune-Boosting

Triple Defense Boost contains a proprietary botanical blend of yeast beta-glucan, Reishi mushroom, and Panax ginseng, which has been shown in laboratory studies to boost Natural Killer cell activity by 3x and increase the proliferation of lymphocytes by 5.8x!

3. Immune-Defending

To help protect the immune system, Triple Defense Boost also contains a second proprietary blend of elderberry, quercetin, and echinacea, which stimulates natural immune defenses.

Each box contains 28 tear-and-pour packets of a delicious berry-flavored powder mix with only 10 calories per serving. Gluten free, dairy free, soy free, non-GMO, and Star-K kosher and no artificial flavors, sweeteners, or preservatives added.

The elderberry story…

Elderberry is widely considered one of the world’s most healing plants. Commonly used to boost immunity, studies show that it’s also an effective antiviral. This means that elderberry supplements may be able to help you avoid being infected with colds, the flu, or other viruses, and if you do catch something, elderberry may help shorten your recovery time.

What elderberry supplements can do for you

The berries and flowers of elderberry are packed with antioxidants and vitamins that can:

⇒⇔ boost your immunity
⇒⇔ tame inflammation
⇒⇔ reduce stress
⇒⇔ strengthen your heart

⇒⇔ prevent and cold and flu symptoms

It’s also been used as a treatment for:

⇒⇔ constipation
⇒⇔ joint and muscle pain

⇒⇔ headaches
⇒⇔ fevers

⇒⇔ kidney problems
⇒⇔ epilepsy

⇒⇔ minor skin conditions
⇒⇔ HIV and AIDS

⇒⇔ infections that affect your lungs

New! Elderberry Energizing Tea

Shaklee 180 Energizing Tea is an antioxidant-rich blend of green, white, and red teas that provide a safe and natural energy lift. And now there’s a new flavor for you to enjoy… Elderberry. A blend of green matcha, white, and red teas for a natural way to help enhance energy and alertness. Don’t be surprised to find yourself with the natural energy to squeeze more out of every day. No artificial flavors, sweeteners, colors, or preservatives added. Gluten free. New Elderberry flavor also contains immune-supporting elderberry.

Yum! Elderberry Life Shake. But HURRY!

Life Shake is a complete meal in a glass with 20 g protein, 6 g fiber, and 24 essential vitamins & minerals. Rich, smooth texture and perfectly sweetened with an innovative formula (Reb M + 5 g natural cane sugar).

Now you can enjoy a new flavor… Elderberry! But it’s only available for a limited time, while supplies last.


Coming soon: Just for… kids!

Shaklee just revealed a new product which will be available soon… Shaklee-Kids Super Immunity Gummies. Packed with immune-supporting nutrients, your kids will love the delicious cherry taste. Watch for further announcements.

Here’s a sneak peek!


Chewable Vita-C… higher potency, natural lemon crème flavor

Vitamin C is a water soluble vitamin and unlike oil soluble vitamins such as A and E, vitamin C cannot be stored by your body. So… we need to get it from our diet or from supplements.
Most animals have the ability to make their own Vitamin C. It is estimated that if we had an equivalent ability to make our own Vitamin C we would make between 3,000 and 10,000 mg every day!

Vitamin C…

____ is critical for the production of collagen
____ lowers both blood pressure and cholesterol
____ aids in the manufacture of white blood cells
____ is a powerful antioxidant

One of the first products Shaklee introduced was Chewable Vita-C. Now this popular supplement has been updated to appeal to a larger audience.

New Chewable Vita-C provides cellular antioxidant and immune support with a higher potency and refreshing new taste!

Why you’ll love it…

♦♦ Safe for the whole family (ages 4+)
♦♦ Supports immune function
♦♦ High-potency vitamin C… 250 mg per tablet
♦♦ Provides the vitamin C of 7 oranges per adult serving
♦♦ Delicious, natural lemon cream-flavored
♦♦ Gluten free, soy free, kosher dairy
♦♦ No artificial flavors, sweeteners, or preservatives added


Chewable Vita-C FAQ

How much vitamin C is in each tablet?

Each tablet contains 250 mg of vitamin C.

What’s the serving size?

It is recommended that adults take up to 2 tablets daily. Children ages 4–12 can take 1 tablet daily.

Does Chewable Vita-C have any flavor?

Yes. Chewable Vita-C is great tasting with a natural lemon-crème flavor .

Is Chewable Vita-C sugar-free?

No. Chewable Vita-C is not sugar-free, but two tablets contain less than 1 g of sugar.

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