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♦ What 5 pounds of muscle will do… Resistance training also…
Get fit starting today! Here’s why…  Exercise and longevity
For serious results, you need serious nutrition… Shaklee!
 The link between fitness and self esteem  What men should know about skin care…

You haven’t a moment of time to call your own, but you are privileged to use each moment as it passes by.

~ Dr. Forrest C. Shaklee, Sr.

What 5 pounds of muscle will do…

Fitness trainers know… it takes muscle to burn fat! And what builds muscle? Resistance training!

Yes, you need to do cardio for heart health, stamina and weight loss; but adding resistance training will not only help you shed pounds and inches much faster, it will keep those pounds off! How?

It takes about 2 weeks for an adult to put on 1 pound of muscle with resistance training. That pound of muscle will burn an extra 50 calories per day even while you’re resting. If you work 10 weeks to gain 5 pounds of muscle, now you’re burning 250 extra calories per day AT REST! And if you combine resistance training with Shaklee 180 to create a 250 calorie deficit per day with your food plan, you’ll be burning a total of 500 calories per day, or 3500 calories per week… the equivalent of one pound! Just like that! Now doesn’t it make sense to add resistance training to your workout?

Resistance training also…

  makes doing daily activities easier.
◊  increases strength and improves athletic performance.
◊  boosts the immune system.
◊  improves posture; strength-ens the spine.
◊  lowers high blood pressure; decreases “bad” cholesterol and increases “good” cholesterol.
◊  reduces high estrogen levels linked to breast cancer.
◊  reduces stress; improves mood.
◊  builds bone strength, lowering the risk of osteoporosis.
◊  improves self esteem.

Get fit starting today! Here’s why…

People who are in poor physical shape can usually find lots of reasons why they can’t start a fitness program… most commonly, “I don’t have time.” The truth is… almost everyone can find 30 minutes a day to exercise if they really want to get fit.

Instead of focusing on reasons to avoid exercise, let’s examine six of the more important reasons to workout… starting today!

1) Tomorrow may be too late!

If you’re overweight and out of shape, you’re at an increased risk of developing Type II diabetes, a heart attack or stroke, or even cancer… particularly of the colon or breast. Once you have been diagnosed with cancer or suffer a heart-related medical emergency, you might not get a second chance to make a lifestyle change. Conversely, if you have diabetes, by losing weight and getting in shape, you may be able to get off medication or even reverse the disease.

2) Look and feel better

Let’s face it… when you look better, you feel better! Many overweight and out-of-shape people don’t like the way they look and because of their self-image, suffer from low self-esteem. That can lead to a whole host of problems from stress to depression. But exercise not only helps with weight loss, it also tones and firms muscles. All of a sudden clothes fit better, your state of mind improves and you have a better outlook on life. Wouldn’t that be great?

3) Live longer

As a parent, we want to be around to see our children get married and have children of their own. But the sad fact is many out-of-shape people will never experience those events, because they’ll die at an early age… something most likely preventable with proper diet and exercise.

4) Reduce stress

Excessive stress is a killer… literally! It raises your blood pressure and floods your system with cortisol, preventing you from maintaining your weight, and keeping you awake at night. This process eventually takes a toll on your health leading to dire consequences.

One of the best ways to relieve stress is to exercise! Not only does exercise lower your current stress level, it also helps your body manage stress long-term. Of course, taking Stress Relief Complex will also help lower anxiety.

5) Have more energy

If you aren’t fit, you could be missing a lot! For instance, being out of shape prevents you from running around and having fun with your kids, grandkids and even great-grandkids. What a shame! And… to feel good enough to workout in the first place, try B-Complex and CorEnergy.

6) Be more productive

Working or maintaining a home can be exhausting if you are overweight and out of shape. By getting fit, you’ll be better able to do things like shop for groceries and clean your house. At work, you’ll increase the amount you can get done in a day, because you are not exhausted by noon. Everything you do is easier once you are fit.

Start today to get fit for your loved ones and… most importantly… for yourself!

Exercise and longevity

Is exercise overrated? Do you really need to be active to live longer? Let’s ask the experts…

♦♦ The American Heart Association says that, “Regular physical activity improves quality of life.” That respected health organization also found that regular physical activity “boosts mental wellness” as well as physical fitness levels.

♦♦ The National Institutes of Health examined information from more than 650,000 adults. Their findings? You can extend your lifespan by as much as 4.5 years when you experience regular physical activity.

♦♦ The National Cancer Institute has published research which shows physical activity, as opposed to a sedentary lifestyle, drastically reduces your risk of developing uterine, lung, and prostate cancers.

♦♦ An important Australian study which was published in PLOS One magazine took information from 8,600 Aussie women and men over a period of 15 years. What was uncovered? Regular “brisk walking” cut heart disease risk by 50%. Those participants who walked or worked out daily were 600% less likely to develop any type of heart disease.

♦♦ In the November 14, 2013 issue of Stroke magazine, the results of a study 3,500 men between the ages of 60 and 80 were released. Daily walking, at any pace, for just one or 2 hours a day cut stroke risk by as much as 33%.

For serious results, you need serious nutrition… Shaklee!

Once you have decided to embark on a serious exercise program, you’ll want to get optimum results from your efforts.

One of the best strategies you can employ to increase the benefits of exercise is… good nutrition. Superior nutrition can take your workouts from good to great!

In order to enhance athletic performance and to maintain lean body mass, you have to properly fuel your body before every exercise session.

Athletic performance

Studies show that a properly fueled body performs better. The fuel you need comes mostly from carbohydrates. Also, having a steady stream of glucose right before and during your activity has been shown to improve performance. The longer (and more slowly) you exercise, the more your body uses fat as an energy source.

Lean body mass

Getting the right nutrition can also help you to increase your lean body mass, which is critical for fast metabolism. Increase lean body mass and you increase your metabolism.

Muscle is made of protein. When you exercise, consuming carbs and protein has been shown to increase muscle protein synthesis. Protein in your diet can even help with recovery and strength as well as lean muscle mass.

Before you work out…

Ideally, you should eat a few hours before any workout. Here are some suggestions:

Pre-workout drink

Drinks are a great option for people on the run and those who want to make sure they are getting the nutrients their body needs. Choose drinks that are balanced and contain fat and protein like Life Energizing Shake made with whole milk. If you’re watching your weight, you can also try Performance Zero Calorie Energy Drink to jumpstart your workout.


Shakes are a great way to get a lot of nutrition quickly. Try recipes made with Life Energizing Shake, yogurt and fruit or add a scoop of Organic Greens Booster for lots of veggie nutrients.


Some athletes swear by eggs for a pre-workout food. Add some greens, avocado and toast to get a good blend of macronutrients.


Oatmeal provides a steady supply of energy because it’s digested slowly. Add fresh or dried fruit and nuts for a greater variety of macronutrients.

Sticking with fresh foods and high-quality proteins, carbohydrates, and fats will ensure you have a great workout and get the best results from your efforts.

After your workout…

During an intense workout, muscles suffer slight tears, strain, and fatigue. It’s important to repair any damage and restore muscle energy. One of the best recovery options is a combination of Performance Advanced Physique 100% Grass-Fed Whey Protein or Performance Physique + Bio-Build Recovery Shake along with Performance PM Recovery Complex, designed to reduce post-workout muscle soreness, optimize recovery, and relieve pain caused by over-exertion.

The link between fitness and self esteem

Self esteem is often intrinsically linked to how a person feels about their body and their looks. It often has a great deal of influence on how they see the world.

Working out and getting in shape can have a huge impact on your self esteem. Vigorous exercise releases “feel good” chemicals called endorphins in the brain that help you feel better and more invigorated.

If you’re suffering from low self esteem, it can take awhile to rebuild your sense of self worth. Starting an exercise program is one of the best ways to do this. Once you get moving and your brain becomes more efficient at releasing endorphins, you will start to notice a difference. You’ll even begin to crave the new feelings that exercise can give you.

Start slow… but start!

Just begin with small goals. If three minutes is all you can make yourself get up and do, then it’s a start. (HINT: If you’re suffering from depression, try MoodLift. It will help.) You’ll make more progress as you start feeling better physically and emotionally. Once you do three minutes a day for a week or two, start adding one or two minute increments each week. Before long, your endurance will increase and you’ll start to look forward to your daily workout. You can do it!

What men should know about skin care…

Skin care is just as important for men as it is for women. Whether you’re fighting blemishes or wrinkles or you just want to keep your skin looking and feeling smooth, skin care is a healthy habit you’ll want to invest in. And the good thing is that it’s simpler than you think! Here are a few ways for any man to take care of his skin.

Wash your face

It’s simple, but it works. When you wake up and before you go to sleep, wash your face with cold water and a facial cleanser like YOUTH Luminous Gel Oil Cleanser. Washing your face will help get rid of dirt, excess oils, and dead skin cells that make your face look dull.

Use a moisturizer

After you wash your face, moisturize it. Applying a moisturizer while your skin is slightly damp helps seal in the moisture. If you have oily skin or you are prone to breakouts, use a water-based moisturizer.

Use sun protection

The sun can damage your skin even on cloudy days, so it’s a good idea to always apply sunscreen. Even simpler… use a moisturizer that has an SPF rating, like YOUTH Age Defense Mineral Moisturizer SPF 30.

Shave smart

Wash and exfoliate your face before you shave to soften and lift the hair to make shaving easier.

Start with these simple steps. We promise you’ll like the results!

More skin tips for men…

Stay hydrated. Your skin needs water to keep it hydrated. Drinking Get Clean Water throughout the day is good for both the health and appearance of your skin.

Eat your fruits and veggies. Fruits and vegetables supply antioxidants to help fight free radicals that play a role in inflammation, sun damage, and faster skin aging.

Get plenty of sleep. Sleep allows your skin cells to repair themselves after the day’s wear and tear.

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