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In this issue…

♦ Your Focus Factory… 7 pillars of brain health
 The effects of diet and nutrition on focus and brain health
Your brilliant brain… Shaklee for brain health…
Tips for a successful Prove It Challenge
More Prove It Tips… Prove It Challenge “Don’ts”
Shaklee loves kids… and kids love Shaklee!
Meal Shakes… yummy protein for your kids!

The effect the years have upon you can easily be prevented. Man cannot live forever… but he can live free from pain and discomfort, IF he will provide the natural nutritional substances necessary to keep his body in good repair.

~ Dr. Forrest C. Shaklee, Sr.


Your Focus Factory…

Your body is like a machine with many parts working together to make that machine run smoothly. Your brain is the central part of this marvelous machine, and while it comprises only 2% of your body weight, it uses over 20% of your body’s energy.

Your brain carries out millions of tasks each day to keep your body running smoothly; but if you don’t take care of it, it can reach a point where it starts to slow down and affect your memory and focus. Luckily, all your brain needs is a few simple fixes… adequate sleep, relaxation, and a healthy diet. Just as you wouldn’t put just anything in your car and expect it to run, your brain also needs the right types of foods to work efficiently.

We all know by now that processed foods are bad for your health. They increase the risk of heart disease, obesity, diabetes, and other chronic diseases. But did you also know that eating foods high in sugar, salt and saturated fats can have a negative impact on your focus and concentration levels?

7 pillars of brain health

1. Physical exercise …more exercise equals better brain function.

2. Avoid stress … it reduces the risk of depression and anxiety.

3. Eat clean … it reduces oxidation.

4. Get regular check-ups …to control medical risks such as diabetes and hypertension.

5. Sleep well … it improves immunity, enhances mood, and restarts the brain.

6. Practice mental fitness …mental exercise promotes brain cell growth.

7. Connect with others … it keeps your brain healthy!

The effects of diet and nutrition on focus and brain health

The brain is the central driver of your body. Nurturing your brain health can keep your mind active and highly functioning… especially, as you age.

The fact is… you can directly enhance brain function by including certain foods in your daily diet. Good nutrition is the foundation of a healthy brain. In fact, research shows that by eating the right types of food you can greatly enhance brain function.

Your daily brain food

The right foods can increase brain strength. Include these…

Whole Grains… including bread, brown rice and oatmeal, reduce the risk for dementia by promoting sufficient blood flow to the brain.

Nuts And Seeds… are excellent sources of vitamin E, which helps prevent cognitive decline as you age. Eating at least 1 ounce daily of nuts, seeds, or nut butter is recommended.

Blueberries… have very positive effects on the brain. Research studies report that if you eat blueberries every day, your memory and motor skills will improve. Compounds in blueberries help to protect the brain from oxidative stress, which, reduces the risks of developing age-related conditions, such as Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.

Avocados… contain high amounts of monounsaturated fat that facilitates healthy blood flow to the brain. 1/4 to 1/2 of an avocado daily also helps to lower blood pressure, reducing the risk of hypertension, a contributor to a decline in cognitive abilities.

Deep water fish… are loaded with omega-3 fatty acids which significantly improve thinking ability and comprehension. Experts recommend consuming fish such as salmon, albacore tuna, mackerel, and sardines at least 3 times per week. Also low in fat and calories, these fish are perfect protein choices for healthy weight management.

Dark chocolate… contains powerful antioxidants and multiple natural stimulants, such as, caffeine that enhance focus and concentration. Dark chocolate also stimulates the production of endorphins that improve mood. Experts recommend only 1/2 to 1 ounce daily since it is high in fat and calories.

The healthy brain/body connection

There is a major correlation between the health of your brain and the health of your body. Why? The brain is responsible for every single thing that your body does. Eating the proper foods can keep both your mind and body in optimal health.

If you have not been eating right for years, you can still turn it around, even if you’re a senior. In fact, people with Alzheimer’s often start to see an improvement in their memory and thought processes when they start exercising and eating right.

Just remember… the sooner you start “eating clean”, the sooner you will see results!

Your brilliant brain…

⇒⇒ 73% of the brain is filled with water. If it becomes dehydrated by more than 2%, you may suffer a loss of attention, memory, and cognitive skills.

⇒⇒ The brain is the fattiest organ in the body… 60% fat.

⇒⇒ 25% of all the cholesterol present in the human body is found in the brain and is vital for its function.

⇒⇒ Information in the brain moves at speed of about 260 miles per hour.

⇒⇒ Multi-tasking is bad for performance. It makes your brain toggle back and forth between several tasks causing a drop in attention span, performance, learning and short-term memory.

⇒⇒ The attention span of the human brain is getting shorter. We have lost almost four seconds of attention span in the past 15 years and cannot focus on a thing for more than 8 seconds.

⇒⇒ The human brain has amazing potential to store a vast amount of memory. It does not run out of room like a computer disk.

⇒⇒ Insulin, which regulates blood sugar in the human body, is also responsible for memory.

⇒⇒ There are 150,000 miles of blood vessels scattered throughout the brain.

⇒⇒ Every time you memorize something, the brain forms new connections.

⇒⇒ More than 100,000 chemical reactions happen in the human brain every second.

⇒⇒ The brain cannot feel pain.

Shaklee for brain health…

For a healthy brain for life, take…

VitalMag: Magnesium has anti-inflammatory properties; soothes the brain.

Zinc: Important for the healthy production and performance of neurons and brain cells.

B-Complex: B vitamins all help maintain brain health. Thiamine (B1) boosts mental strength and short-term memory. Vitamin B6 is crucial for laser-like focus. Vitamin B9 (folate) sustains memory and healthy brain function. A B12 deficiency can cause brain fog, confusion and memory loss.

Vita-D3: Vitamin D aids in the production of serotonin, a “feel-good” hormone that keeps you focused, calm.

Vita-E Complex: Vitamin E keeps up the brain’s energy and strength.

OmegaGuard: Omega-3 fatty acids are vital to preserve cell membrane health and facilitate communication between brain cells.

Life Shake and Energizing Soy Protein: Research shows that a high-protein diet can help improve concentration and focus.

Mental Acuity Plus: Contains ginkgo, bilberry, hawthorn, and B vitamins to enhance memory and decision making; helps lower homocysteine levels.

MindWorks: Key ingredients immediately enhance mental sharpness and focus and protect against age-related mental decline.

Tips for a successful Prove It Challenge

If you haven’t heard already, one of the easiest ways to start pursuing your health goals is by taking the Prove It Challenge. The 30-day challenge is a simple way to radically change the way you feel with clinically proven nutrition products. These tips will help you enjoy a successful challenge:

Supplement while you’re cleansing. Take Vita-Lea, Vitalizer or Life Strip to help fill nutrition gaps in your diet. One rule of thumb is… don’t overlap supplements included in the cleanse (Optiflora DI, Herb-Lax, Alfalfa Complex and Liver DTX Complex).

Eat every two hours and drink plenty of water so you feel less hungry. Remember it’s only seven days! If hunger becomes unbearable, add a scoop of Life Shake in a smoothie, or eat a hard-boiled egg, or a 4-oz. piece of baked chicken.

Exercise during the cleanse. You can continue your current workout routine during the cleanse, but keep it light and save your strenuous workouts for after you finish the cleanse.

Consult your doctor before the cleanse. If you’re on prescription medication or you have diabetes or digestive issues, you should talk to your doctor or physician before starting the 7-Day Healthy Cleanse.

Measure your waist and hips and weigh yourself. The benefits of the cleanse include improved eating habits and food choices plus a jump-start to weight loss.

Add a little caffeine back into your diet if you experience a caffeine withdrawal headache. Try a cup of Shaklee 180 Energizing Tea.

Continue the cleanse even if you miss a serving. Just take it within 2 hours, or skip one packet.

More Prove It Tips…

♦♦ Commit! Accountability is important. Make a commitment to yourself to complete the cleanse, and if that isn’t enough, get a group together to cleanse with you so you can motivate each other. Join the Facebook group dedicated to Healthy Cleanse.

♦♦ Shop first. You’ll want to have fresh fruits, veggies, and clean foods on hand so you don’t have to stress about whether you have the right kind of food for your cleanse.

♦♦ Minimize foods that work against your cleanse. Your goal is detox, so caffeine, alcohol, sugar, and processed foods all need to be eliminated.

♦♦ Hydrate! The more water, the better! If you want to, you can add cucumber, fruit, ginger, lemon, lime, or herbs to infuse your water and add some flavor variety.

♦♦ Try new foods. Keep things interesting by adding new fruits, vegetables, herbs, and spices to your diet. It’ll motivate you to keep going.

♦♦ Finish strong! Maintain your results by eating clean and taking Shaklee after your cleanse!

Prove It Challenge “Don’ts”

♦♦ Don’t cleanse too often… a maximum of 2-3 times a year, spacing each cleanse out by four months or more.

♦♦ Don’t cleanse while pregnant or breastfeeding… you need all the nutrients you can get.

♦♦ Don’t continue the cleanse if you experience diarrhea or constipation. These conditions are unlikely, but if they occur you should stop the cleanse.

Shaklee loves kids… and kids love Shaklee!

Every day, kids are off to school and play. It can be a huge challenge to ensure they’re getting the nutrition they need from diet alone. Incredivites® and Mighty Smart® Choice are made with super-safe ingredients that bring out the best in your children.

Incredivites… multivitamin for kids

Each serving of Incredivites features 100% of the DV of all eight B vitamins, as well as vitamins C and E for immune function and more.

>> Loaded with 23 essential vitamins and minerals for healthy development
>> Provides calcium and vitamin D for crucial bone-building
>> All natural tropical punch, grape, and berry flavors
>> Free of artificial sweeteners, colors, preservatives, and flavors
>> Gluten and lactose free
>> Contains lactoferrin for a healthy immune system
>> Naturally sweetened with xylitol

Mighty Smart Choice… DHA for kids

Since most kids don’t get much DHA from diet alone, these delicious orange chews are a mighty smart choice. Mighty Smart Choice is packed with DHA, an important omega-3 fatty acid found in the brain and eyes.

>> 100 mg of 100% natural, ultra-pure supplemental DHA to boost DHA levels
>> No fishy taste
>> Supports eye function
>> 75% organic


Meal Shakes… yummy protein for your kids!

Kids need fast food options that are also good for them… choices like low-fat, low-glycemic Shaklee Meal Shakes. These great-tasting, easy-to-mix drinks pack extra nutrition into any meal or snack. They provide 19 essential vitamins and minerals, and they’re a rich source of calcium and an excellent source of protein… the fundamental nutrients that growing kids and teens need to stay strong and healthy. A non-soy protein choice in French Vanilla and Bavarian Cocoa flavors.

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