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Got immunity? Want more? Nutrients that power immunity…
Ten simple habits that will improve your immune system
The best foods for immune health… New! Looking good with Simpli-5…
The best of both… YOUTH and Pomifera
Aching joints and muscles? Here’s Shaklee’s solution…
One nutrient that alleviates pain…

I bother with my diet because I believe in treating my body fairly. You believe in the prevention of disease, I’m sure. Well, through the use of natural nutrition, you are certainly treating your body fairly.

One thing is certain… treating disease is only necessary AFTER one has lost their health.
Even then, the nutrition way to health will help… regain it.

Yes, I believe in both modalities. I believe in walking for health, but I don’t condemn the use of an auto-mobile or plane in covering long distances.

Remember, a treatment, in itself, is not a cure. It is only an assist to Nature. “ONLY NATURE CURES”.”

~ A Study Course in Nutrition by Forrest Shaklee Sr., DC, DD

Got immunity? Want more?

Throughout life, there are so many things that have a profound effect on your immune system. One of the biggest impacts come directly from the daily habits you adopt as part of your lifestyle. So often we get caught up in the hustle and bustle of everyday life, relegating building a strong immune system to the backburner. We prioritize everything else… that is until weak immunity gives us a wake-up call in the form of a health crisis.

That’s why it’s so important to become aware of the daily habits that can weaken your immune system and put you on a downward spiral toward poor health. The great news is, you have control over the habits and lifestyle you adopt and with a few simple tweaks, you can start building a super-strong immune system in no time! Read on…

Nutrients that power immunity…

♦♦ Vitamin C (from Sustained Release Vita-C)… a powerful antioxidant and also has a key role in maintaining tooth, gum, bone, muscle, and blood vessel health.

♦♦ Vitamin D (Vita-D3) plays a vital role in your immunity, heart health, calcium absorption, and bone strength.

♦♦ Zinc (Zinc Complex) helps the immune system fight off invading bacteria and viruses.
Triple Defense Boost contains all three of these nutrients and much more!

Ten simple habits that will improve your immune system

Here are 10 simple tweaks you can make that will boost your immune system and build the foundation for good health.

1) Reduce sugar. The less sugar you consume, the stronger your immune system gets. Why? Sugar has a negative effect on the white blood cells that fight off bacteria and infection, weakening your immune system. Sugar is found in everything these days so… read labels, cut back on sugary drinks and add more fresh fruits and veggies to your diet. You’ll feel so much better!

2) Have more fun. While it may seem odd, making time to have a little fun each day, let loose, laugh and enjoy life can have a huge impact on your stress level, boosting your immunity.

3) Hydrate! Make sure you drink enough water each and every day. Water plays an important role in providing your cells with enough oxygen. It also assists in removing toxins from your body that can build up and damage your immune system, leading to a plethora of health issues.

4) Wash your hands. When you think about all the places you go and all the things you touch every day, it makes sense to adopt this habit. Scrub your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds to eliminate germs and residue. Hand sanitizer is also a great option when you cannot wash.

5) Get outside. Spend as much time as you can in nature… soaking up the sun and breathing in fresh air. Walking can help you clear your head, improve your mood and decrease your stress level… boosting your immune system. The healing power of nature can be found nowhere else.

6) Put your phone down before bed. According to the National Institute of Health, scrolling through your phone right before bed can disrupt your sleep cycle by suppressing melatonin, a natural hormone in your body that prepares you for sleep…. a vital part of a healthy, strong immune system. Instead, create a nighttime routine that doesn’t include electronics. Take a warm, relaxing bubble bath, read a good book or write in your journal to prepare for a night of uninterrupted, restful sleep.

7) Connect with others. Your immune system can be affected by how much connection and socialization you get. Being around others can boost your self-confidence, reduce stress and even strengthen your immune system.

8) Eat your veggies. Vegetables contain a ton of vitamins and minerals that assist your immune system in fighting off germs and illness.

9) Create a self-care routine. In the chaos of everyday life, we often forget to make time for our own needs. When you set aside time to decompress, you’re not only giving yourself the chance to recharge, you’re ultimately helping your immune system to build a wall against illness and infection.

10) Take Shaklee supplements. Actually, the FIRST step you should take to improve your immunity is start on a comprehensive supplementation program to fill in any nutritional gaps that are affecting your health. Begin with Vitalizer, Life Shake, Nutriferon, and Triple Defense Boost. Add Vita-E Complex, B-Complex, Vita-D3 and Zinc Complex if you know your immunity is already compromised.

A strong immune system is the foundation of good health. So take a look at your daily habits and see where you can make some simple tweaks… small changes that will promote a stronger immune system and a healthier YOU.

Health Chat | Immunity

The best foods for immune health…

⇒⇒ Strawberries, blackberries, raspberries and elderberries… the most powerful antioxidants
⇒⇒ Flax seeds, walnuts and salmon… for essential fatty acids
⇒⇒ Yogurt… contains probiotics for a healthy gut
⇒⇒ Garlic… the allicin in garlic is a natural antibiotic
⇒⇒ Oysters, lobsters, clams and crabs… for the selenium that produces cytokines, proteins which fight flu viruses
⇒⇒ Black and green tea… for the L-theanine which strengthens immunity
⇒⇒ Lean beef… for zinc, a common nutrient deficiency, is important for a strong immune system
⇒⇒ Mushrooms… especially reishi, shiitake and maitake… give your white blood cells a boost.
⇒⇒ Kimchee, pickles, sauerkraut and olives… fermented foods that deliver “good” bacteria to the gut, powering natural defenses against pathogens and creating helpful antibodies.
⇒⇒ Coconut oil… lauric acid converts to monolaurin, the same immune-strengthening compound found in breast milk.

Start adding these immunity-boosting foods to your diet and increase your physical activity to create a powerful one-two punch that knock out sickness, disease and infection.

New! Looking good with Simpli-5…

Here’s everything you need for an everyday makeup look while caring for your skin:

Step 1: Apply YOUTH® BB Cream… a long-wear, 5-in-1 beauty balm that can be used under (or instead of) foundation to cover imperfections and even the look of skin tone. The multitasking formula draws moisture to skin, helps reduce the look of fine lines, and defends skin against damaging UVA/UVB rays. Available in 4 shades for all skin tones.

Step 2: Sculpt your face with Pomifera® Tone: Bronzer + Contour… a simplified bronzing and precision contour stick for the perfect look.

Step 3: Add lip base and blush with Pomifera Tint: Lip + Cheek… a sheer, buildable color stick with a creamy texture and matte finish for use as a lip tint and blush. Makes the perfect base for Glaze: Lip Oil. Available in 3 shades.

Step 4: Volumize your lashes with YOUTH Lash Revitalizing and Conditioning Mascara… a 2-in-1 lash conditioner and mascara that lengthens, volumizes, and lifts to help create fuller-looking lashes. Specially formulated with our Botanical Complex and Lash Protection Complex, this product also helps strengthen lashes and defend against environmental damage. The innovative 2-sided brush enables you to create volume with shorter bristles and add definition with longer bristles

Step 5: Perfect your pout with Pomifera Glaze: Lip Oil… a vegan lip oil with the shine of a gloss, the comfort of a balm, and a touch of sheer color. This high-shine lip oil glides on easily without a sticky feel. Formulated with a proprietary blend of avocado oil and shea butter and infused with anti-aging pomifera oil to moisturize, protect, and nourish the lips. Available in 3 lightly tinted shades.

Directions for use…


Apply to fingertip, placing small dabs of the cream on your face in numerous places. Gently spread and smooth together for a flawless appearance. Apply once for a natural look or layer for more complete coverage.

Pomifera Tone: Bronzer and Contour

Glide across hollows of the cheeks, using fingertips or bronzing brush to blend.

Pomifera Tint: Lip and Cheek

Glide across lips and apples of the cheeks, using fingertips to blend.

YOUTH Lash Revitalizing and Conditioning Mascara

Position wand horizontally and zigzag from side to side, then base to tip, to achieve maximum volume, length, and lift. Hold wand vertically and stroke upward to curl and define lashes. Layer generously as desired.

Pomifera Glaze: Lip Oil

Apply over bare lips or over your favorite lip color.

And remember… all Shaklee products are 100% Money Back Guaranteed.
Even if it’s 100% used up!

The best of both… YOUTH and Pomifera

We all love healthy skin, and Shaklee wants to provide as many options as possible to keep your skin clean, soft, and glowing. This is why Shaklee has added Pomifera to their selection of personal care and skin care solutions.

When you use YOUTH and Pomifera products together, you get a double dose of amazing skin care and beauty technologies from Nature.

YOUTH products are formulated with patent-pending Youth Complex harnessing the power of botanicals to address the multiple signs of aging. With eight patents and patents pending, each and every YOUTH product is specifically formulated to address the multiple effects of aging, whether it be your lifestyle, environmental damage, or natural aging.

Pomifera products are powered by pomifera oil, an anti-aging botanical oil and a potent source of antioxidants, omega-6, and other bioactives. This oil is cold-press isolated from the seeds of the Maclura pomifera fruit and combined with plant oils to create everyday essentials for visibly healthy, glowing skin.

Combining Pomifera with YOUTH Skin Care gives you clean beauty solutions that your skin will love. These two different, yet powerful, product lines used together will keep your skin healthy and radiant.

YOUTH® Ingredients

Aching joints and muscles? Here’s Shaklee’s solution…

No pain, no gain… right? It’s a common expression… but if you were to ask the 50 million people suffering from pain, they would quickly tell you that there is much more to be gained with no pain!

Pain is your body’s warning system, and it can come again and again. Whether it’s because of overuse or activity after long periods of non-use, our joints and muscles especially experience pain. Our bodies fall victim to arthritis, backaches, muscle strains, sore joints, and more, all of which interfere with your quality of life.

Pain aside, Americans thrive on sports and active recreation and are constantly searching for new ways to challenge their bodies. Nevertheless, when the pain occurs, you want immediate relief by the best means possible.

Joint & Muscle Pain Cream is the solution! This amazing product provides quick penetrating relief from pain caused by arthritis, simple backaches, muscle strains and sprains, bruises, and cramps.

♦♦ Soothes aching joints and muscles with a potent menthol formula.
♦♦ Fast absorption.
♦♦ Provides prolonged release action optimizing effectiveness against joint and muscle pain.
♦♦ Improves blood circulation.

Just rub into the affected area and enjoy quick relief… naturally!

And add Pain Relief Complex for a powerful 1-2 punch!

One nutrient that alleviates pain…

Scientific studies have linked a deficiency in vitamin D to an increase in body pain, lower back pain, fibromyalgia and even multiple sclerosis. Evidence suggests that vitamin D is a much more important nutrient than previously thought and in fact behaves more like a hormone than a vitamin in your body.

Since we get vitamin D from sun exposure, most Americans are deficient due to regular use of sunblock. Supplementing with Shaklee Vita-D3 will ensure that you’re getting enough of this critical nutrient.

Shaklee Vita-D

Note: Vita-D3 packaging has been updated and is now even more powerful than the original formula.

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