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In this issue…

♦ Are your supplements safe… or not? Caveat emptor (buyer beware)…
The MoodLift herb of ancient legends… The versatility of MoodLift…
Feeling blue? You’re not alone! Shaklee’s “mood-lifting” product line…
♦ The difference between stress and burnout…
What you should know about stress…
Shaklee doesn’t just say it… Shaklee proves it!
♦ For safe summer fun, try Shaklee! ♦ Some SPF facts…

If Nature has held your body and soul together this long, don’t you think it’s about time you started obeying her laws? Natural nutrition cannot possibly hurt you, so start giving your body a chance to live. “

~ Dr. Forrest C. Shaklee, Sr.



Are your supplements safe… or not?

You hear about it every day… pesticides on our foods, pollutants in our air and water, toxic chemicals in household cleaners, unsafe ingredients in cosmetics and even in pet food. The list of hazardous toxins is endless!

For several years now, stories have surfaced about contaminated vitamins coming out of China… the largest producer of vitamin C in the world. And even if a nutritional product is safe, many don’t live up to the promises stated on the bottle.

So… how do you know what you’re really getting when you buy supplements? And even more importantly, how do you keep yourself and those you love safe and healthy in this toxic world?

Well… you use Shaklee, don’t you?

You know exactly what you’re getting when you buy a Shaklee nutritional product. Shaklee’s reputation and integrity is unparalleled in the nutrition industry.

No where else will you find the assurance… the promise… that the products you pay for are pure, safe, exhaustively researched, bioavailable to your cells, extremely effective in producing the results you expect and… are worth every single penny! No where else but… Shaklee! 

Caveat emptor (buyer beware)…

Did you know that…
♦♦ Most supplements are synthetic formulations created in a pharmaceutical lab.
♦♦ Synthetics can be toxic and can actually damage your health.
♦♦ There are vast differences between natural (plant sourced) and synthetic (chemical based) supplements, and… they have a totally opposite affect upon your health.

The choice is yours. For safe, effective, plant sourced supplements, you’ll want… Shaklee!

The MoodLift herb of ancient legends…

One of the “stars” in Shaklee’s premium herbal line is… MoodLift Complex! And the primary herb in MoodLift is St. John’s wort… Hypericum perforatum… an herb with a long and colorful history of fighting depression

For over 2,000 years, people have been ingesting St. John’s wort for a variety of maladies. This powerful herb was first used in ancient Greece to drive away evil spirits. Dioscorides, the foremost physician during that time, as well as Pliny and Hippocrates, used St. John’s wort in the treatment of many illnesses.

The Little Herb Encyclopedia by Jack Ritchason, N.D., states that, “According to legends surrounding St. John’s wort, it was espoused by St. John of Jerusalem who is said to have used it in the time of the Crusades as a battlefield balm for its abilities to clean and heal some terrible battle wounds. It is said to have worked so well that legends are built around it.”

In Germany, St. John’s wort has been used for many years to soothe nerves and relieve melancholy. Today, in that country, preparations containing St. John’s wort have become the most popular antidepressants on the market. Available in grocery stores and pharmacies, St. John’s wort now outsells its nearest competitor, Prozac, by 4 to 1.

How it works

St. John’s wort reduces the rate at which brain cells reabsorb seratonin… the same major mechanism behind Prozac and similar antidepressants. A low seratonin level has long been associated with depression. St. John’s wort, unlike popular anti-depression drugs, also reduces the reabsorption of two other chemicals associated with mood regulation… dopamine and norepinephrine.

Shaklee uses only the highest quality standardized extract of St. John’s wort. MoodLift also contains inositol, Eleutherococcus Senticosus (formerly known as Siberian ginseng), and green oats. 

The versatility of MoodLift…

The Encyclopedia of Medicinal Plants lists the following uses for St. John’s wort, the primary ingredient in MoodLift:

⇒⇒ Relieves anxiety, depression and tension
⇒⇒ Antispasmodic
⇒⇒ Stimulates bile flow
⇒⇒ An astringent
⇒⇒ A sedative
⇒⇒ Relieves pain
⇒⇒ An antiviral
⇒⇒ Helps relieve symptoms of cold sores, chicken pox and shingles
⇒⇒ Relieves depression and decreased vitality due to menopause

Feeling blue? You’re not alone!

Do you ever experience periods of profound sadness and depression… or suffer from anxiety and tension? Do your moods swing from euphoria to disillusionment? Does your life ever seem “out of sync”?

Everyone wants to feel upbeat and enjoy life to the fullest. Yet periods of sadness are a part of the human experience. Life’s events and ongoing stresses can trigger melancholy… and sometimes people feel “blue” for no apparent reason. In fact…

♦♦ Depressive disorders affect approximately 18.8 million American adults each year.
♦♦ Everyone, will at some time be affected by depression… their own or someone else’s.
♦♦ The fastest-growing market for antidepressants is children and teens.
♦♦ Depression results in more absenteeism than almost any other physical disorder and costs employers more than $23 billion per year.

You can beat depression naturally with MoodLift Complex. Try it today!

Shaklee’s “mood-lifting” product line…

If “blue” is often the color of your day, try these products to brighten your life:

Vitalizer… supplies 80 bioavailable nutrients to provide a strong nutritional foundation.

Stress Relief Complex… utilizes a unique combination of natural ingredients to help you relax without causing drowsiness.

Gentle Sleep Complex… contains a complementary blend of herbs that promotes calm and restful sleep.

CorEnergy… clinically proven, traditional Chinese herbals help you resist fatigue, replenish energy, and encourage more efficient oxygen utilization.

B-Complex… with all eight Bs, promotes a healthy cardiovascular system and boosts energy.

Lecithin… contains choline which supports brain and nerve health.

The difference between stress and…

We all experience stress. It’s a part of life. But stress is not always bad! For instance, we stress our muscles to produce strength and stamina. We challenge our brain paths in order to gain more knowledge. We speak in front of a group of people (a huge stress for many) in order to get our point across and become a better orator.

Yes… stress is always with us. But when does stress become too much for us to handle? When does it become burnout? To find out, ask yourself if you have any of these burnout symptoms:

____ nervousness or anxiety
____ loss of appetite or overeating
____ muscular tension
____ depression and/or a sense of hopelessness
____ fatigue, low energy or apathy
____ taking tranquilizers or other drugs
____ feeling overwhelmed
____ insomnia or over-sleeping
____ back pain
____ difficulty concentrating or turning off thoughts
____ gastrointestinal com-plaints
____ lingering colds or infections
____ irritability or low tolerance for frustration

Simple stress relief

If you think you’re approaching burnout, try these Shaklee supplements to protect your cells from the damage caused by stress:

»» Stress Relief Complex… eases everyday tension in as little as 30 minutes.

»» Gentle Sleep Complex… valerian, chamomile, and passion flower promote calm and restful sleep.

»» B-Complex… can help with stress by working with brain chemistry and balancing neurotransmitters

»» OsteoMatrix… the nerves are bathed in calcium which support calmness and sleep.

»» Lecithin… supports brain, liver, cardiovascular, and reproductive health while soothing irritated nerve endings.

What you should know about stress…

An article on the blog, healthcareers.co, states that:

  • 57% of surveyed Americans say that stress paralyzes them.
  • 44% of Americans feel that their stress levels have increased in the last 5 years.
  • Every year, the US economy suffers more than a $300 billion loss due to stress.
  • Only 14% of children say their parents’ stress isn’t of concern to them.
  • Greece is the most stressed country in the world.
  • Approximately 45% of teenagers say they’re under stress constantly.
  • Stress statistics show that the number of college students who seek professional counseling rose by 30% in a 5-year period and that 20% of college students practice self-injury.
  • Stress in the workplace affects 54% of workers’ home lives.
  • Over 8 million American adults suffer from PTSD.

Vivix and inflammation…

Inflammation is at the root of most disease conditions… heart disease, diabetes, obesity, cancer and other illnesses.

When Shaklee developed Vivix one important question was whether this breakthrough supplement could prevent a chronic inflammation response and resulting free radical damage. So… Shaklee commissioned an independent study conducted at the State University of New York at Buffalo. In this study, a group of healthy young adults were fed a fast food breakfast consisting of a sausage and egg muffin and 2 servings of hash browns… a meal that triggers a massive inflammation response.

Ten minutes before the meal, half of the participants took Vivix and half took a placebo.

The result was amazing! In the placebo group, the meal triggered rampant inflammation. In the Vivix group, not only was the inflammation response stopped cold, the important antioxidant genes that fight free radical damage to the cells were turned on. In other words, Vivix works! 

Shaklee doesn’t just say it… Shaklee proves it!

While there are many companies boasting fantastic claims for their resveratrol products, Shaklee commissioned an independent clinical trial to prove scientifically that their patented blend of resveratrol and muscadine grape polyphenols (Vivix) actually works in the body to combat inflammation!†

† Shaklee doesn’t just make claims. Shaklee has funded over 100 clinical studies to prove that their products work… more studies than the next five largest companies in our industry combined! When it’s a Shaklee product… you know it works! 

For safe summer fun, try Shaklee!

Summer’s almost here! We all want to get out into the sunshine and make the most of this time of year. Shaklee products can help make this summer the best you’ve ever had!

First, slim down

Many people approach summer a few pounds heavier than they would like to be. Shaklee makes slimming down easy… with amazing Shaklee 180. Just substitute a Life Shake for one or two meals a day and watch the pounds melt off… and stay off!

Keep your energy up

Then start moving a little more. To keep your energy up for more physical activities and summer fun, take Vitalizer, B-Complex and CorEnergy. For low-calorie snacking, keep Shaklee 180 Meal-in-a-Bars, Snack Bars or Snack Crisps in your purse, beach bag or backpack. They’re much healthier than the candy bars kids (and adults) usually indulge in when they’re hungry.

And for those who are engaging in strenuous exercise like biking, hiking or swimming, Performance Energy Chews, Energy Drinks and Physique will provide an extra energy boost.

Use sun protection

Of course, summer isn’t complete without lots of time in the sun. To keep harmful UV rays from damaging delicate skin, always wear protective clothing and use both Enfuselle SPF 30 for Body and Enfuselle Lip Treatment SPF 15.

Some SPF facts…

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC):

  • Sunscreen users get burned frequently, which may be because they use too little and apply it/reapply it too late.
  • You have to use a lot. That means a shot glass full to cover the full body, a fourth to a half teaspoon for the face.
  • Sunscreen is intended to be combined with other sun-safety approaches, like covering up with clothing, staying in the shade, wearing a hat, and scheduling activities to avoid times of day when the sun is most intense (10AM – 4PM).

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