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 How to avoid “winter bulge” The Shaklee Difference… Life Shake
5 habits that will keep you healthy…  Yum! Yum! Shaklee 180 Meal-in-a-Bar
Myth of the scale… why you can’t always trust the numbers…
 Natural remedies for depression… Feel full foods…
Give gifts of health year round
Shakleekids Super Immunity now available!
♦ The Shaklee Difference… Super Immunity Gummies

“If you want to get well and stay well, you MUST free your body of accumulated waste and provide the nutritional elements so necessary to strengthen your resistance against disease and to build vital, vigorous tissue

~ Dr. Forrest C. Shaklee, Sr.

How to avoid “winter bulge”

A common complaint during the winter is… “I always gain weight!” Since there’s not as much to do outdoors, most of us tend to eat more and exercise less. Add the temptation of seasonal get-togethers and it’s easy to understand why we put on a few extra pounds during winter.

Here are some tips to help you manage your weight this season:

____ Eat a sensible snack of raw fruits or vegetables or better yet… drink a Life Shake… before going to a festive dinner.
____ Take small portions. Have a little of everything. It’s when you have large portions of everything that you risk weight gain.
____ Eat slowly. It takes time for your brain to register how full your stomach is. A trick… put your fork down between bites and chew your food thoroughly.
____ Drink water with your meal. Avoid sugary, caffeinated, carbonated and alcoholic beverages to minimize calories.
____ Choose your indulgences wisely. If you do go for something decadent, remember to savor a small portion.

These tips will help you avoid the “bulge” this winter.

The Shaklee Difference… Life Shake

Life Shake is a clinically proven meal replacement.

In a published clinical weight loss study, Life Shake helped participants lose fat, weight, and inches, while retaining lean muscle, and… they kept the weight off!

Powered by Leucine …the most effective branched chain amino acid for preserving muscle mass, it helps you…

⇒⇒ build lean muscle
⇒⇒ burn fat
⇒⇒ increase metabolism

5 habits that will keep you healthy…

Many chronic diseases are caused by lifestyle choices like not exercising, eating foods that cause weight gain and that can lead to diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and strokes.

But lifestyle issues are difficult to turn around. Many people try to change their lifestyle all at once, which is nearly impossible to accomplish. As a result, they often give up and fall back into negative health habits. This is why it is better to change your health habits one habit at a time so that you don’t become overwhelmed and stop trying altogether.

Here’s how to begin changing habits gradually. First try a proven diet like Shaklee 180 and find an exercise program that you enjoy.

And here are 5 simple things you can start doing to live a happier and healthier life:

1) Try eating one healthy meal a day. In fact, the Shaklee 180 Program suggests 2 Life Shakes and one healthy meal daily. A healthy meal consist of mainly fruits and vegetables, supplemented with whole grain products, and lean meats.

If the food is you eat is healthy, it won’t usually contain a lot of calories and will not cause weight gain like junk foods or highly processed products. Just watch your portion sizes.

2) Drink a glass of Get Clean Water before each meal. When you drink an 8-ounce glass of water before meals, it will give you a feeling of fullness and you won’t eat as much.

3) Be active during lunch. Try eating your meal and then do a little exercise… take a brisk walk or do some tai chi. Not only will this energize you but it will help burn off calories while it aids in the digestive process. Exercising during lunch also helps decrease any job stress so the rest of your day goes easier.

4) Try a Shaklee 180 Meal-in-a-Bar or Snack Bar instead of junk food. Both Shaklee 180 bars contain a lot of good nutrition and fiber, with controlled calories. They help stave off hunger pangs that seem to strike midafternoon Keep a stash of these delicious, filling protein bars in your desk at work or in your purse or brief case so you can grab one whenever you feel hungry. A Shaklee 180 Meal-in-a-Bar contains 18 – 20 grams of hunger-fighting protein and 6 – 7 grams of fiber while Shaklee 180 Snack Bars have 9 – 10 grams of protein and 3 grams of fiber.

5) Exercise regularly. If you have a gym membership, try going there at least 3-4 times per week. Choose an activity you enjoy and make the most of it for at least 30 minutes per session. This will energize you, build and retain muscle mass, and help you lose weight by burning off excess calories.

And for the best weight loss results, order a Shaklee 180 Turnaround Kit or Starter Kit. You’ll be slimmer… and healthier… for life!

Yum! Yum! Shaklee 180 Meal-in-a-Bar

No time to sit down and eat? Grab a Meal-in-a-Bar and go! The perfect alternative to Life Shake when you want a change, each chewy bar is packed with the healthful nutrients your body needs, including vitamins and minerals. High in protein and fiber to help keep you feeling full and satisfied for hours and fortified with the amino acid leucine to help your body retain lean muscle while you lose weight.

Meal-in-a-Bar provides:

⇒⇒ 18 – 20 grams of hunger-fighting protein
⇒⇒ 6 – 7 grams of fiber
⇒⇒ Powered by Leucine
⇒⇒ Non-GMO soy protein
⇒⇒ Gluten free
⇒⇒ No artificial flavors, colors, sweeteners, or preservatives added

3 delicious flavors:

⇒⇒ Peanut Butter & Chocolate Chip
⇒⇒ Blueberry & Almond Crisp
⇒⇒ White Chocolate Cinnamon

Myth of the scale… why you can’t always trust the numbers…

You are eating healthy and exercising regularly… so why is the scale barely moving? Don’t worry! The best kind of weight loss is when you’re losing fat and keeping muscle… you’re getting leaner and losing inches, which is what you really want! Lean muscle also boosts your metabolism, which means you’re less likely to gain the weight back.

Natural remedies for depression…

Especially during the winter months, many people experience periods of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)… that is, they’re feeling out of sorts, a bit blue, detached, etc. Depression occurs when these feelings become a persistent state of being rather than merely a passing mood.

Clinical depression can eventually affect a person’s physical health and ability to perform regular daily activities.

Symptoms of depression can be mild to extreme and physical as well as mental:

_____ Sadness
_____ Irritability and anger; angry outbursts with little provocation
_____ Unexplained aches and pains; headaches; backaches
_____ Low energy; small tasks wipe you out
_____ Extreme weight gain or weight loss
_____ Disengaged from daily activities especially ones previously enjoyed
_____ Changed sleeping patterns… from excessive sleeping to insomnia
_____ Poor concentration and memory

Natural remedies for depression

Increase physical activity. During exercise, the body releases endorphins, which diminish the perception of pain and act as a sedative. Exercise is a natural mood elevator.

Eat well. Nutritional deficiencies can trigger depressive symptoms. People deficient in one or more of the B vitamins, calcium, magnesium, and vitamin D may be especially vulnerable.

Take Shaklee food supplements. Shaklee offers several supplements that can help relieve depression:

⇒⇒ MoodLift Complex
⇒⇒ Mental Acuity Plus®
⇒⇒ MindWorks
⇒⇒ B-Complex
⇒⇒ OsteoMatrix
⇒⇒ VitalMag
⇒⇒ Lecithin
⇒⇒ Vita-D3

Establish healthy sleep patterns for physical and mental health.

Stay engaged in daily activities and set goals to counter negative self-talk.

Explore alternative therapies such as yoga, meditation, biofeedback, and acupuncture that can offer relief from fatigue, anxiety and scattered thinking.

Feel full foods…

One of the biggest problems people have when trying to lose weight is that they often feel hungry… even right after eating.

Many times the dilemma stems from the type of foods you are eating. Here are a few foods that will actually fill you up and keep you satisfied:

Apples: With their high fiber content and high water content, apples contain pectin which reduces blood sugar spikes.

Almonds: While all nuts contain healthy fats which are good for your heart, almonds contain the most fiber per serving, keeping you feeling fuller longer.

Avocados: When you eat an avocado, you’re getting a tasty package of insoluble fiber and heart-healthy monounsaturated fat that sends a message to your brain saying your stomach is full.

Beans & legumes: Heart-healthy beans contain both soluble and insoluble fiber, making them doubly effective for appetite control.

Other “feel full” foods:

♦♦ Berries
♦♦ Coconut
♦♦ Eggs
♦♦ Figs
♦♦ Flaxseed
♦♦ Greek Yogurt
♦♦ Oatmeal
♦♦ Pumpkin Seeds
♦♦ Soups
♦♦ Veggies
♦♦ Vinegar
♦♦ Walnuts
♦♦ Water

And in case you need something more to feel full, try Shaklee Fiber Plan Powder and Tablets.

Give gifts of health year round

Whenever an occasion arises that calls for gift-giving, think of Shaklee first! Surprise those you care about with a gift of health all year round! Here are some ideas:

____ Immune Protection: Chewable Vita-C, Vita-D3, Vitalized Immunity, Triple Defense Boost, Zinc, Get Clean Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer, Basic-G+

____ Health Starters: Vita-Lea or Vitalizer & Life Shake, 7-Day Healthy Cleanse, Shaklee 180 Starter Kit, Rx for a Healthier Life

____ Anti-Aging Package: Vivix, NutriFeron, YOUTH Anti-Aging Regimen or YOUTH Duo

____ Fitness Special: Performance® Low-Calorie Electrolyte Drink, Advanced Physique® Whey Protein, Energy Chews

____ Healthy Body, Healthy Home: Get Clean Year of Water, Get Clean Starter Kit, Basic-G+

____ Kiddie Health Treats: Shakleekids™ Mighty Smart® Choice, Super Immunity Gummies, Citriboost®, Meal Shakes

Shakleekids™ Super Immunity now available!

Here are some frequently asked questions about new Super Immunity gummies:

Is Super Immunity a daily use product?

Yes. Super Immunity can be taken daily as needed for immune support.

Can this be taken with other supplements?


Can adults them?

Yes. Adults can take 3 Super Immunity gummies daily.

What sweeteners are used?

Super Immunity is naturally sweetened with erythritol and xylitol, which do not promote tooth decay.

Can children of any age take Super Immunity?

Super Immunity is not intended for use by children under 4.

What happens if my child consumes more than the recommended serving?

It is very important that these be kept out of the reach of children. Large intake of sugar alcohols can cause digestive upset, including nausea and stomach cramping.

Does it contain gelatin? Is it vegan?

No, Super Immunity does not contain gelatin and is great for vegans.

Does Super Immunity contain allergens?

No. However, if you don’t tolerate sugar alcohols well, you may want to start with just one gummy.

What’s the shelf life?

24 months.

The Shaklee Difference… Super Immunity Gummies

New Shakleekids Super Immunity gummies are:

⇒⇒ packed with critical immune-supporting nutrients, vitamins C & D, zinc, and elderberry extract
⇒⇒ delicious, natural cherry-flavored gummies in a cool bear shape
⇒⇒ tooth friendly
⇒⇒ sugar free, GMO free, gluten free, soy free, vegan
⇒⇒ made with no artificial flavors, sweeteners, or preservatives added

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