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The beginning is always… health! Components of good health…
Beginning your better health journey…
Current health stats… What we’re doing wrong
Your high-energy formula… Why NutriFeron? So many reasons…
More immune protection from Shaklee Lower that stress!
How to boost the power of your supplements… Saving face with YOUTH!
YOUTH Complex: Inspired by Nature. Perfected by science.


“Live in the joyful NOW. Plan for a happy future, but make sure that you develop the habit of enjoying the present.”

~ Dr. Forrest C. Shaklee, Sr.


The beginning is always… health!

There are many aspects that comprise a high-quality life… family and friends in your inner circle, formal and practical education you’ve received, career goals and achievements that mark your path, hobbies you love and nurture, spiritual beliefs and rituals you cherish, the community you participate in, the giving of your time and bounty to others who are less fortunate… and so much more.

Yes, most of you reading this newsletter can indeed live a blessed life full of wonder, love and joy… at least part of the time. While all of us experience our share of challenges along the way, if you set your mind to it, you, too, can… “Have it all!” Unless…

No matter what formula defines a successful life for you, one thing is certain. You can never be at your best… achieve your highest aspirations… if you don’t feel good. While you may have the will to reach for the stars, if your body is always betraying you with backbreaking fatigue, chronic pain and one illness after another, it’s almost impossible to get there. So if you want your very best life, however you define it, remember… it always begins with great health!

Components of good health…

⇒⇒ Health can be defined as physical, mental, and social well-being, and a primary resource for living a full life.
⇒⇒ Health refers not only to the absence of disease, but the ability to recover and bounce back from illness and other problems.
⇒⇒ Factors for good health include genetics, the environment, diet, relationships, and education.
⇒⇒ A healthful diet, exercise, screening for diseases, and coping strategies can all enhance a person’s health.

Beginning your better health journey…

No matter what your current state of health is, you can improve it by making a few simple changes. Start here:

FIRST… add Shaklee supplements!

The very first thing to do when you want to improve your health is to start taking Shaklee Vita-Lea or Vitalizer and Energizing Soy Protein or Life Shake daily. Why? Because you’ll feel better FAST! Take these supplements for a few short weeks and you’ll have more energy, sleep soundly, digest your food easily, respond to stress calmly, experience better focus and concentration, and have a general sense of well-being. In other words, you’ll feel much more motivated to continue on your journey to better health. Next…

Clean up your act!

If you smoke, stop. Cut down on your alcohol consumption. Get rid of fast foods, junk and processed foods, soft drinks and sugar and products that contain artificial flavors, colors, sweeteners and other chemicals. Take it slowly if you wish, but start making changes to your diet. Some nutrition experts suggest making one small change a day and sticking with it for 21 days so it will become a habit. For example, replace one fast food item with a healthy alternative until your entire “junky” meal becomes one comprised of healthy proteins, grains, vegetables and fruits. Finally…

Get moving!

We all know that to be truly healthy, you have to move your body. It’s really true that if you don’t use it, you lose it! So walk the dog, play outside with your kids, join a gym, dance with your spouse… anything that will get you up off the couch and keep you moving every day.

If you’ll just concentrate on these three simple steps, you’ll find you’ve taken a big leap on your better health journey. Keep it up… you’ll love the result!


Current health stats…

According to Medical News Today:
⇒⇒ In 2015, the population of the United States (U.S.) spent an estimated $3.2 trillion on healthcare costs.
⇒⇒ However, despite this expenditure, a study by the U.S. National Research Council, published in 2013, showed that Americans die at a younger age and experience more illness and injury than people in other developed countries.
⇒⇒ Good health is central to handling stress and living a long and active life

What we’re doing wrong

The U.S. Department of Health & Human Services says:
⇒⇒ Only one in three children are physically active every day. In fact, children now spend more than seven and a half hours a day in front of a screen (e.g., TV, videogames, computer).
⇒⇒ Less than 5% of adults participate in 30 minutes of physical activity each day;
⇒⇒ Typical American diets exceed the recommended intake levels of calories from added sugars, refined grains, sodium, and saturated fat.
⇒⇒ Since 1970, the number of fast food restaurants has more than doubled.
⇒⇒ Over 78 million U.S. adults and about 12.5 million (16.9%) children and adolescents are obese.
⇒⇒ Obesity costs the U.S. $344 billion annually.

Your high-energy formula…

When you’re low on energy, whether it’s a mild malaise or crippling fatigue, you don’t feel like doing anything. To jump-start your cells and give them the fuel they need to produce more energy, try this Shaklee combo:

♦♦ CorEnergy: A natural, concentrated source of herbal ingredients and antioxidant phytonutrients shown to support your body’s ability to maintain energy.

♦♦ Vita-E Complex: An effective vasodialator, vitamin E helps open the arteries, particularly the smaller arterioles, oxygenating the entire body. In addition to decreasing the amount of blood the heart must pump to deliver oxygen to every cell, opening the arteries will give you more energy and brain power.

♦♦ B-Complex: The first function of the B vitamins is to enable the body to release energy from food. If energy production is stalled and your cells become sluggish, causing fatigue, take B-Complex.

Why NutriFeron? So many reasons…

Every day your immune system has to protect you from millions of microbes that surround you. Shaklee NutriFeron is a powerful breakthrough in immune system science… a product that can boost your body’s natural defense system. Here’s why you should add this remarkable product to your regimen:

Boosts interferon

Interferon is a critical component of a healthy immune system. It signals the cells to activate their immune mechanisms in response to a threat. NutriFeron is the ONLY supplement in the U.S. that naturally boosts the production of interferon in the body/

Uniquely created

NutriFeron is the ONLY immunity supplement in the U.S. created by Dr. Yasuhiko Kojima, who discovered interferon in 1954,

Amazing research

For 40 years, Dr. Kojima searched for natural compounds that would boost interferon production. The four potent plant extracts in NutriFeron are the result of his quest.

Powerful botanicals

NutriFeron is an EXCLUSIVE formula that includes immune-boosting pumpkinseed extract, safflower flower extract, Asian plaintain seed extract, and Japanese honeysuckle flower extract.

Clinically proven

The extraordinary health results of NutriFeron are confirmed by four clinical studies.

A patented formula

The exclusive Shaklee NutriFeron formula is protected by 3 patents!

Supreme quality

Powerfully effective NutriFeron has been subjected to the most stringent scientific testing for safety, potency, purity and performance.

More immune protection from Shaklee

In addition to NutriFeron, consider adding these products to your immunity arsenal:

♦♦ An essential foundation: Be sure to start with a basic program that provides the nutritional foundation your cells need… Life Plan is a good place to begin.

♦♦ Baseline protection: Immunity Formula I provides vitamins C, E, B6, B12 and folic acid along with zinc, copper, selenium and the powerful antioxidant beta carotene… all essential nutrients for healthy immune function.

♦♦ Cellular protection: Key ingredients in Vivix have been shown in a clinical study to activate cellular defenses.

♦♦ Emergency protection: Take Defend & Resist at the first sign of a cold or the flu. Echinacea, black elderberry, larch tree and zinc combine to supercharge your immune system when it’s threatened.

Lower that stress!

Commuter traffic, hectic schedules, home and work demands… these factors can contribute to stress in your life. Stress elevates the cortisol in your body, leading to long-term health consequences such as heart disease, stroke, diabetes, obesity, headaches and depression.

Stress Relief Complex helps relax the body and mind with L-theanine, ashwagandha, beta-sitosterol and L-tyrosine and promotes alertness while enhancing the body’s ability to adapt to stress.

Tested in a 7-day, double-blind, placebo-controlled employee-use test measuring four key categories:

• More relaxed
• More alert
• Less tense
• Better concentration

In each of these four categories, people taking Stress Relief Complex experienced greater, more powerful benefits than those who consumed a placebo… by far!

How to boost the power of your supplements…

Want to get the maximum health benefits from the supplements you’re taking? Then do a 7-Day Healthy Cleanse first! Why? By flushing digestive waste and toxins from your gut with this amazing detox you will:

⇒⇒ increase the absorption of nutrients in your gut

⇒⇒ rest your organs by fasting

⇒⇒ stimulate the liver

⇒⇒ improve elimination



Saving face with YOUTH!

While it’s true that old age can have a beauty and dignity all its own, most people live in dread of time etching its mark on their skin. Perfect skin is rare, but good skin is a matter of diet, exercise and diligent care with quality products like YOUTH.

Now you can shift the appearance of your skin to a younger decade with YOUTH Advanced Anti-Aging Regimen. This regimen targets the cellular level of your skin, accelerating skin cell renewal for softer, more supple skin with a youthful glow.

The YOUTH Advanced Anti-Aging Regimen is clinically proven and 100% guaranteed to improve the appearance of your skin and shift it to a younger age. In a clinical study using the Advanced Anti-Aging Regimen:

• 100% of women had younger-looking skin
• 2/3 actually shifted their skin age into a younger decade

The Advanced Anti-Aging Regimen includes:

Luminous Gel Oil Cleanser: Gently polish, purify, and prepare skin.

Perfecting Skin Toner: Exfoliate, hydrate, and nourish for glowing skin.

Youth Activating Serum: Renews skin cells for radiance and rejuvenation.

Age Defense Mineral Moisturizer: Vitamins and botanicals moisturize your skin and improve skin tone.

Advanced Renewal Night Cream: This targeted cream supports your skin’s cell renewal process. Available in Light or Rich formulas.



YOUTH Complex: Inspired by Nature. Perfected by science.


♦♦ Vital Repair Complex… accelerates skin cell renewal
♦♦ Muscadine Grape… protects and repairs cellular DNA in skin; blocks collagen and elastin breakdown
♦♦ Apple cell extract… accelerates skin cell renewal
♦♦ Lotus Japonicus… activates cells to produce more collagen and elastin
♦♦ Schisandra Chinensis extract… provides nutrients and energy to the skin

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