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Confused about antinutrients? Some common antinutrients…
The “B Key” to a healthy, energy-charged body for life!
The perfect balance of Shaklee B-Complex
Before Earth Day, there was… Shaklee! Quick, easy cleanup!
Scour Off Benefits
Did you know that…
M-m-m-m! How to love your lips…
Enfuselle Lip Treatment SPF 15 reviews

Our tissue cells are not constructed in a manner as to allow one vitamin to hold precedence over another. It is true that some types of tissue cells require more of certain vitamins than of others, but this only proves that a particular vitamin is more important to THAT particular type of cell. Some are also used more generally than others, but the body as a whole needs ALL of the nutritional elements Nature has provided.”

~ Dr. Forrest C. Shaklee, Sr.


Confused about antinutrients?

Antinutrients have recently become the subject of controversy in the natural health community. But what are antinutrients and why are they controversial? More importantly, are antinutrients bad for your health?

Antinutrients… sometimes referred to as enzyme inhibitors… are chemical compounds that are found in many animal and plant-based foods, including those that are “healthy”. Antinutrients are substances that plants use to repel predators that might eat them. For instance, potatoes, peppers and tomatoes contain the antinutrients solanine and chaconine, which can make you sick if ingested in high concentrations. Antinutrients block the absorption of certain proteins, vitamins and minerals which can not only cause dietary deficiencies but can lead to intestinal permeability, causing not only digestive disorders but also certain autoimmune diseases.

While antinutrients can cause health issues, eating healthy foods and taking Shaklee food supplements can counteract the disadvantages of the antinutrients you might ingest.

Some common antinutrients…

Phytic acid, found in grains and legumes, it interferes with the absorption of minerals.
Gluten from wheat, rye and barley, causes gastrointestinal distress.

Tannins, which give wine its dry taste, are naturally-occurring polyphenols that inhibit iron absorption.

Oxalates, found in spinach, beans, black pepper, and beets, bind to calcium, preventing the body from absorbing it.

Lectins, from beans and wheat, reduce nutrient absorption and can cause a leaky gut.

The “B Key” to a healthy, energy-charged body for life!

People often ask, “Is there a supplement I can take for energy?” Our answer… B-Complex! While the B vitamins are absolutely essential for energy and for your health, your body wages a war every day to capture, absorb and conserve enough B vitamins to keep you moving through life and functioning at peak efficiency. But why is it such a battle?

Very few nutrients in your bloodstream are as fragile as the B-complex vitamins. The Bs are necessary for:

♦♦ converting food into energy.
♦♦ nearly every cellular reaction within the body.
♦♦ the formation of protective antibodies.
♦♦ manufacturing mature, healthy blood cells.
♦♦ growth and maintenance of the nervous system.
♦♦ youthful-looking hair, skin and nails.

B-vitamins act as coenzymes, helping enzymes to react chemically with other substances, and are involved in energy production. Each B-vitamin fills a different complementary need, which is why they should always be taken together. B vitamins help maintain the health of the nerves, skin, eyes, hair, liver, and mouth, as well as muscle tone in the gastrointestinal tract and proper brain function.

They’re so-o-o-o fragile!

Because the B vitamins are water soluble and generally cannot be stored, your body depends upon a daily supply from the foods you eat. But to get all eight essential B vitamins, you must eat a variety of foods… whole grains, dark green vegetables, and meat… in relatively large quantities every day. Vegetarians, anyone consuming a diet high in processed foods, people who eat a lot of sugar, and those cutting back on cholesterol-rich foods, may be deficient in B-complex vitamins. In additions, B vitamins are burned up rapidly if you:

♦♦ consume sugary foods such as soft drinks, candy or desserts.
♦♦ exercise strenuously or are under physical stress.
♦♦ are suffering from emotional stress.
♦♦ consume alcoholic beverages, even in moderation.
♦♦ are taking medications such as aspirin or antibiotics.
♦♦ are exposed to too much sun.

They’re so-o-o-o important!

The B vitamins are vital to a vigorous and energetic long life. But… most people are deficient in one or more of these fragile nutrients. The mistake many people make when trying to supplement with B vitamins is just selecting one “B” to take… like B6, for example. While you may very well be deficient in vitamin B6, you are probably also low in other Bs, as well. Because deficiencies usually include more than one B-vitamin, and because the B-vitamins work best as a team, you should always take a complete and balanced B-complex supplement (like Shaklee B-Complex) to achieve the best health result and maximize your energy level.

The perfect balance of Shaklee B-Complex

Folate (B9), vital for the creation of red and white blood cells and the generation and repair of genetic material (DNA, RNA, etc.)

Thiamin (B1) enables the body to use carbohydrates and amino acids for energy. it plays a key role in nerve, muscle, and heart function.

Riboflavin (B2) converts food into energy, aids in the absorption of nutrients and the metabolism of other Bs; aids in maintaining the eyes, muscles, skin and more.

Vitamin B12 (Cyanocobalamin), assists in energy production, synthesis of red blood cells and DNA, and retention of normal homo-cysteine levels for heart, brain, and bone health.

Biotin (B7) is important for metabolism; associated with healthy hair, skin, and nails.

Niacin (B3), critical for cellular DNA repair. supports a healthy heart and cholesterol levels, and energy transfer in the brain and other tissues.

Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine), plays a vital role in the function of over 100 enzymes that catalyze essential chemical reactions in the body, is involved in the production of neurotransmitters, regulates hormonal function, and assists in the production of hemoglobin.

Pantothenic Acid (B5), important in synthesis of a key enzyme for multiple metabolic and biosynthetic pathways to maintain cellular health. 

Before Earth Day, there was… Shaklee!

Every spring since 1970, people all over the world celebrate Earth Day. Those of us in Shaklee don’t need a special day… we have always been committed to nurturing the earth out of respect for the planet we depend upon for life.

“Living in Harmony with Nature” is a legacy from our founder, Dr. Forrest C. Shaklee, Sr., one of the pioneers of the environmental movement. We honor his philosophy by practicing environmental conservation every day and passing his legacy on to our children and grandchildren.

Perhaps the easiest way we can contribute to the care of our planet is to eliminate the toxic household cleaners we use every day and replace them with Shaklee’s environmentally-friendly Get Clean products.

The Get Clean Difference

Shaklee has a long history of integrating nature, science and technology… a history evident in each and every Shaklee product.

Get Clean products are the latest generation in a long line of exceptional environmentally-friendly cleaners, beginning with Basic-H (now Basic H2).

Introduced in 1960, Basic-H was the among the first biodegradable cleaners on the market… long before people were aware of the environmental impact of pollution. Basic-H and the Shaklee Get Clean line of products that followed, were all developed with several unique concepts at their core:

Biodegradability. Shaklee cleaners contain no toxic chemicals and no irritants to harm the environment.

Safety. Shaklee’s cleaners are completely safe around children, pets, fish, wildlife and plants.

Economy. Concentrated and versatile for maximum economy. In fact, ½ gallon of Basic H² makes up to 192 gallons of powerful cleaner!

Effectiveness. Even though Shaklee cleaners are completely safe, they are powerful enemies of dirt, grease and grime!

Quick, easy cleanup!

Just look at all the things you can clean with Get Clean Scour Off Heavy Duty Cleanser, the red paste in a jar that smells like bubble gum:

⇒⇒ Stainless steel, porcelain, ceramic tile, formica, baked enamel
⇒⇒ Removes baked-on foods and caked grease from stoves, grills and cookware.
⇒⇒ Bathroom fixtures glisten and shine.
⇒⇒ Removes stains on plastic chairs.
⇒⇒ If you’ve ever melted a bread wrapper onto a toaster, Scour Off can remove it… no problem! Just be sure to test in a small area first.
⇒⇒ Removes sticky labels, tape, price stickers and scotch tape.
⇒⇒ Removes soap scum build-up and mineral deposits from shower doors.
⇒⇒ Cleans rust off screen doors, bumpers and bicycles.
⇒⇒ Apply to mineral deposits in toilet bowl, let stand for about 20 minutes, then brush clean.
⇒⇒ Scour Off is the perfect whitewall tire cleaner. Also removes tar and tree sap.

Scour Off Benefits

⇒⇒ Natural ingredients remove the toughest dried-on splatters and spills, burned-on grease, baked-on food, and sticky messes without hazardous chemicals or toxic fumes.

⇒⇒ Made from natural mineral abrasives and biodegradable cleaning agents with no chlorine bleach or dye.

⇒⇒ Gently removes stains other cleansers can’t and is great for cleaning tubs, ovens, sinks, and tiles.

⇒⇒ Even removes rust; great for cleaning copper, grout, cement, and ceramic.

⇒⇒ Scours hard-to-remove soil from ovens, barbecue grills, stove tops, porcelain sinks, ceramic tile, Pyrex glass, baked enamel, stainless steel, chrome, and more.

⇒⇒ Wide-mouth jar makes it easy to use.

Did you know that…

Commercial fabric softeners can make you sick. According to a study by Anderson Laboratories, many commercial formulas emit chemical fumes like toluene, styrene and phenol that can cause acute respiratory tract inflammation and irritation. Benzyl acetate and limonene can cause cancer, while pentane, linalool, benzyl alcohol, camphor and alpha-terpineol disrupt the central nervous system.

Get Clean Soft Fabric Concentrate and Dryer Sheets contain NO hazardous chemicals… ever!

M-m-m-m! How to love your lips…

We read about the dangers of too much sun exposure every day, but the statistics are still shocking. Of the 600,000 new cases of skin cancer reported each year, approximately 90% are sun related.

One of the most vulnerable parts of your body is your lips. They are almost always exposed to the sun. Hats, sunglasses and scarves don’t usually shade the lips. The lips of babies and children are even more vulnerable to burning.

Lips have a very thin layer of skin… much thinner than other parts of the body. They contain very little melanin, the pigment that helps protect against the sun. As a result, lips rarely tan, but can burn easily.

The sun can also damage the collagen in your lips. Collagen is a protein which gives your lips (and all of your skin) body. Collagen is also needed to stop wrinkles from developing on and around your lips. Too much sun can cause early aging and inner damage you may not even see until it’s too late to reverse.

The wise course of action is to always, ALWAYS protect your lips with Enfuselle Lip Treatment SPF 15… alone or under lipstick. If you take this precaution to love your lips, your lips will love you!

Enfuselle Lip Treatment SPF 15 reviews*

“Love this lip conditioner, no matter what time of year. And it’s especially useful to apply just prior to a dental cleaning. It kept my lips from completely drying out!” Julie C

“I use this lip balm daily! I have one in the bathroom and one in my purse at all times. I can’t use many of the store bought lip balms. This one is perfect for me and it lasts a very long time.” Trena H

“I usually have issues with an allergic reaction to chapsticks. This is so soothing and you need very little to cover.” Belinda S

*Excerpted from the website

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