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Effective… maybe. But is it safe? How making the “switch” saves you money!
Super stains? Try “Super Shaklee”!
Keep it organized with… the Get Clean Caddy Organizer Kit
Why you need iron…
Signs that you may need more iron…
Shaklee’s iron-rich supplements…
Oh joy! It’s ah-ah-ah-choo season! Allergy stats…

I should point out to you that health-building is not an overnight proposition. How long has it been since your tissue cells have had a square meal, free of toxic contamination? Has it been months? Perhaps years? Certainly, during that time, there has been quite an accumulation of waste matter.”

~ A Study Course in Nutrition by Forrest Shaklee Sr., DC, DD



Effective… maybe. But is it safe?

How many different household products have you used in the past week? Do you know what’s in them? Are they safe? What about the possible negative effects upon your health? And… how much do they damage the earth?

From the very beginning, the Shaklee Philosophy incorporated the belief that a healthy lifestyle also includes keeping our planet healthy and safe, as well. Other companies are finally jumping on the bandwagon because a growing number of consumers are refusing to use products that damage not only our health, but the environment, too.

If you haven’t already, take a giant step toward environmental responsibility by replacing all of the cleaners in your home with safe Get Clean household products. You’ll not only be taking a stand against pollution, but you’ll find Get Clean to be more effective, pleasant to use, much more economical and vastly safer, than the products they’re replacing.

The Science Behind Our Natural Products

How making the “switch” saves you money!

Start with a Get Clean Starter Kit. It replaces:

♦♦ 60 32-oz bottles of Fantastik®
♦♦ 32 32-oz bottles of Mop ‘n Glo®
♦♦ 728 26-oz bottles of Windex®
♦♦ 1 50-oz bottle of Woolite®
♦♦ 50+ Mr Clean® Magic Erasers
♦♦ 2.5 45-oz boxes of Cascade®
♦♦ 2 50-oz boxes of Tide®
♦♦ 3 20-oz bottles of Downy®
♦♦ 1 box of Bounce®

Now that’s economy!

What’s in the Get Clean Starter Kit?

NOTE: Germ Off Wipes (discontinued) have been replaced with Scour Off.


Super stains? Try “Super Shaklee”!

What are the worst stains and cleaning problems you encounter? Grease? Motor oil? Ground-in dirt? Carpet stains from pets? Whatever it is, you can find a safe, biodegradable Shaklee answer! With Shaklee cleaners in your home, it’s not necessary to resort to harsh, commercial products, something that people who are concerned about the environment and personal safety are loathe to do.

So what are your worst cleaning chores?

Cooking oils in clothes

For best results, use Fresh Laundry Liquid directly on stain, work into fabric, soak in hot water for 15 minutes, then wash in Fresh Laundry (liquid or powder), adding Nature Bright to the wash water. Make sure stain is gone before putting in dryer. If stain is really set into fabric, try making a paste of Scour Off, Nature Bright and water and letting it soak in before washing. To remove odor from fabric, add 1/4 cup of Basic-G+ to wash water and cut amount of Fresh Laundry slightly.

Motor oil, automotive grease

For best results (stained clothing), rub diluted Scour Off into fabric, soak in hot water for 15 minutes, then wash in Fresh Laundry, adding Nature Bright to the water. Make sure stain is gone before putting in dryer.

For motor oil or automotive grease on other surfaces such as garage floors, wet floor with 1 Tbsp. Basic H2 in a gallon of water, then sprinkle on Dish Washer Automatic Powder and Nature Bright. Work into floor with scrub brush or broom. Allow to soak for 20 minutes then rinse with hot water. Repeat as necessary.

Ground-in dirt

Most tough dirt stains will come out of clothes by pre-spotting with Fresh Laundry Liquid before washing.

Sticky tape residue or gum

Apply Scour Off mixed with a little water to sticky area. Let soak, the rub gently with a micro-fiber pad. Rinse and repeat if necessary. If gum is in carpet or hair, apply Scour Off and water, rub with fingers (for hair) or a sponge (for carpet), then rinse out residue.

Pet stains on carpet

Pet stains come with odor as well. To remove both the stain and the smell, mix 2 Tbsp. Basic-G+ in 1 quart water. Whip or shake until sudsy. Apply suds to stained area, working in well, but taking care not to soak carpet. Allow to dry, then vacuum.

Stains on formica

Most stains of this type come clean with an application of Scour Off and water on a micro-fiber pad. Work into surface, let stand for a few minutes, then rinse.

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Keep it organized with… the Get Clean Caddy Organizer Kit

Wherever Get Clean products go, Get Clean Accessories follow. They make it easy to use just the right amount of Get Clean for every household chore.

The beautiful Get Clean Caddy Organizer Kit contains the accessories you need to use Get Clean products in your home:

♦♦ Carrying Caddy (1)
♦♦ Spray Bottles (3):

◊◊ Windows and Mirrors
◊◊ All-Purpose
◊◊ Degreasing

♦♦ Basic H2™ Full Strength
♦♦ Dispenser Bottle with Dropper Tip (1)
♦♦ Pump for 32 oz. Bottle (2)
♦♦ Laundry Measuring Scoops (2)
♦♦ Dual Measuring Spoon (1)
♦♦ Cleaning Accessories (4)
♦♦ Super Microfiber Cleaning Cloth
♦♦ Super Microfiber Window Cloth
♦♦ Super Microfiber Dish Sponge
♦♦ Miracle Scrubber Pad

Why you need iron…

Do you ever feel worn out, too tired to exercise or get through the day? Do you find yourself short of breath? Does your heart suddenly start beating too fast? Are your hands and feet cold? If you have any of these symptoms, you could be deficient in iron.

Iron is a mineral that our bodies need in order to function properly. While iron is important for everyone, women need it more due to their specific reproductive and biological requirements.

One of the most important roles of iron is the production of red blood cells. It is also a part of a compound known as hemoglobin that carries oxygen from the lungs to the body’s tissues and returning carbon dioxide from the same tissues back to the lungs.

Iron deficiency (anemia) is extremely common in the U.S. It can cause extreme tiredness, weakness, and with an inability to concentrate because the cells aren’t getting enough oxygen.
Your body needs iron for:

Energy production

Almost every cell in our body creates energy by burning calories. However, this is a process that requires iron. If you’re suffering from chronic or unexplained fatigue, check your iron level as the compound that transports oxygen within our body contains iron. Without oxygen, your body simply cannot function efficiently. That’s why an optimum level of iron will keep you energetic, healthy, and fit.

Oxygen transport

This is without a doubt the most important role of iron. Every single tissue in the body needs a constant supply of oxygen. Red cells in our blood contain hemoglobin which delivers oxygen to our tissues and then removes carbon dioxide.

Brain function

Since the brain uses roughly 20% of the blood oxygen in our body, iron is directly related to increased cognitive function and improved brain health and a decreased risk of cognitive disorders, such as Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.

Immune strength

When you consume enough iron, your body can fight infections and diseases. Iron also provides oxygen to help heal damaged cells and tissues.

Restful sleep

If you have insomnia, try increasing your iron intake. Why? Red blood cells have a big impact on your sleep, as they help maintain normal blood pressure levels, a factor in your ability to fall asleep.

Enzyme function

Certain enzyme systems heavily rely on the presence of iron. If these systems don’t function properly, they can cause certain organ systems to slow down significantly, or to even shut down in some cases.

Chronic disease treatment

Iron is known for its ability to help in the treatment of certain chronic diseases of the excretory and intestinal system. In fact, iron is a key part of numerous processes in many of the body’s systems.

Regulation of body temperature

When your body temperature is stable, metabolic and enzymatic functions reach an optimal level. Iron plays a key role in this process.

Neurotransmitter synthesis

Iron is vital for the synthesis of numerous essential neurotransmitters, such as serotonin, norepinephrine, and dopamine. These chemicals have a huge effect on a number of different activities involving neurons. These neurotransmitters are also linked to motivation, energy levels and elevated mood.

Signs that you may need more iron…

Common symptoms of iron deficiency include:

⇒⇒ Shortness of breath
⇒⇒ Fast heartbeat
⇒⇒ Restless leg syndrome
⇒⇒ Sore tongue
⇒⇒ Cold hands and feet
⇒⇒ Trouble concentrating
⇒⇒ Lack of motivation/energy
⇒⇒ Brittle hair and nails
⇒⇒ Mouth sores
⇒⇒ Significant weight changes
⇒⇒ Mood changes
⇒⇒ Difficulty in exercising
⇒⇒ Hair loss
⇒⇒ Difficulty swallowing

Shaklee’s iron-rich supplements…

If you think you may need more iron, try supplementing your diet with:

Liqui-Lea. This time-honored liquid multivitamin, multimineral supplement was Dr. Shaklee’s first product. Named Vitalized Minerals when it was first introduced, Liqui-Lea enters the bloodstream rapidly, carrying nutrients, including iron, to the cells for rapid repair, healing and reproduction. Known in the field as a go-to “spring tonic”, Liqui-Lea helps sluggish cells revive with renewed energy. Try it… you’ll love it!

Iron Plus C Complex. Provides iron in a readily bioavailable form with vitamin C to help increase iron absorption. Each tablet provides 100% of the Daily Value of iron. Iron functions as a structural component of hemoglobin, an essential compound that carries vital oxygen from the lungs to tissues throughout the body.

A History of Innovation

Oh joy! It’s ah-ah-ah-choo season!

Spring… it’s exciting! The grass is green once again, trees are leafing out, birds are singing and flowers are blooming everywhere! For most of us, spring is a time to celebrate!
But for 58 million Americans, spring also means sneezing, runny noses, red eyes and all of the other symptoms of… allergies!

Most spring allergies are triggered by pollen… tiny grains from trees, grasses, and weeds that fertilize other plants. The immune system, mistaking the pollen for foreign invaders, releases antibodies that normally attack bacteria and viruses. The body then floods the blood with histamines, causing the eyes to itch, the nose to run and other allergic responses. This year, try building your immunity against allergies before the sniffles get you with:

♦♦ Alfalfa Complex contains a wealth of minerals, bioflavonoids, protein, vitamins, and chlorophyll.

♦♦ NutriFeron. One of the most powerful formulas ever developed for strengthening the immune system, If you start to feel those allergy symptoms kicking up, some people suggest taking 6 Alfalfa tablets with 3 NutriFeron caplets 2-3 times a day.

Also try:

♦♦ Sustained Release Vita-C
♦♦ Vita-E Complex
♦♦ Defend & Resist Complex
♦♦ Garlic Complex
♦♦ Triple Defense Boost

The Science Behind Immunity

Allergy stats…

⇒⇒ Allergies are the most frequently reported chronic condition in children, limiting activities for more than 40% of them.
⇒⇒ Each year, allergies account for more than 17 million outpatient office visits; half of those are for seasonal allergies.
⇒⇒ More than 7 million doctor visits each year are for skin allergies.
⇒⇒ Food allergies account for 30,000 visits to the emergency room each year.
⇒⇒ 55% of the U.S. population tests positive to one or more allergens.

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